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Xu Hướng 3/2023 # What The Buzzwords In A Job Posting Really Mean # Top 4 View

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Buzzwords in Job Descriptions

These phrases are repeated so frequently because it’s hard to encapsulate a job, company, and desired qualities of an employee in a short space.

Buzzwords in Your Resume

Don’t dismiss buzzwords in your resume either. Recruiters and hiring managers see right through a resume crowded with meaningless words. For one thing, the hiring manager probably won’t read them. 

Studies show that recruiters and HR folks spend as little as seven seconds reviewing resumes before they move them to the “yes” pile—or toss them in the trash.

To make it to yes, you need to choose resume buzzwords that count. The best buzzwords describe your abilities, match them to the job qualifications, and show that you’re a better fit for the position than the other candidates.

Bad resume buzzwords waste everyone’s time and dramatically reduce your new job prospects.

The best approach is to focus on what you have to offer:

What can you do for the organization?

What can you do better than anyone else?

How does your previous experience reflect that?

Answer these questions in direct language, and then you can move on to finding the buzzwords and action verbs that help you sell what you offer.

Match Your Qualifications to the Job

Some of the best buzzwords aren’t trendy, and you don’t need to look far to find them. Since they are resume keywords, you can grab them right from the job listing.Choose the ones that match your qualifications to the activities and requirements that stand out in the ad.

Finally, review these lists of soft and hard skills that might apply to the job/industry. In the end, you’ll wind up with a fairly comprehensive list of keywords that relate to the job and your suitability for it. Including these words increases the chances that your resume will make it through the Applicant Tracking System and be read by a human being.

Be Prepared to Share a Story

Just remember that while buzzwords will help you get past the first review filter and show the hiring manager that you have what it takes, the way you tell the story of your career and your candidacy is what will make all the difference.

Focus your resume, abilities, and interview around how you can help solve the company’s problems, achieve its goals, and move to the next level, and you’ll have the best chance at landing the interview and the job. 

Buzzwords: A – Z List

Review this A to Z list of frequently mentioned job post jargon to help decode what the phrases mean, why they were included, and how to tailor your resume and interview answers to fit what the employer is looking for.

Communication Skills

Very often written as “strong communication skills,” including this phrase means the job requires interpersonal skills, and the ability to speak and write clearly.

How to show you have the skills: You might want to emphasize responsibilities that involve working directly with clients or experience giving presentations.

Similar keywords: interpersonal skills, strong writing, and verbal skills


From sending an email without typos to managing the details of a complicated event, detail-oriented people check, and then double-check to ensure error-free and flawless execution of any task.

How to show you have the skills: Highlight organizational responsibilities, such as planning an event, creating a schedule or calendar, or overseeing a project. Your application and behavior at the job interview can provide a firsthand demonstration of your ability to manage details.

Follow all application instructions carefully; have a flawless, typo-free resume and cover letter; and at your interview, show up on time, with adequate copies of your resume and a professional demeanor. 

Similar keywords: organized


Think of this as an updated version of “shows initiative”—dynamic employees take on responsibilities beyond their job description. They’re confident, can think independently, and are comfortable acting as a leader on projects and in teams.

How to show you have the skills: Emphasize ways you’ve gone beyond your job description and give examples of leadership.

Similar keywords: leadership role, self-starter, agent of change, shows initiative


Do you do well with last-minute work, unexpected fire drill assignments, unplanned late hours, and multiple deadlines? Use of this word in a job description can imply long hours. It may also indicate a company in flux, or prone to unexpected changes in direction.

How to show you have the skills: To impress interviewers, be ready with examples of how you’ve managed multiple projects or responded to a last-minute change.

Similar keywords: agile, deadline-oriented, able to multitask, works well under pressure


Or sometimes “no job too small” or “willing to pitch in”—these kinds of keyword indicate a company that may have a very flat organization. Don’t expect to have someone printing out documents for you: in a flexible work environment, workers are often expected to solve their own problems.

This can indicate a need to switch gears quickly, work unexpected or atypical hours (such as nights and weekends) to get the job done, and to be able to do things outside of the job description.

At a lower level, this could also indicate that you’ll be asked to do rather menial work (picking up coffee; dropping off dry cleaning).

Similar keywords: works well under pressure, thinks outside of the box, multitasking

Growth Opportunity

This could indicate a few things, from a low salary to high turnover in the job. A position with a “high potential for growth” is likely something you won’t stay at long—which could mean that you’ll be promoted to a better role, or that the job is so onerous that no one stays in the spot for very long.

In your interview, inquire about the people who previously held the role.


Most commonly seen in start-up and tech job descriptions, ninjas—or gurus and wizards—are an updated version of “passionate” employees. Companies use this word to show that they’re looking for a superstar—the best of the best—and also to convey that the environment in the office is young, fun, and energetic.

Don’t use this word to describe yourself—it’ll seem overly self-congratulatory. Be aware that use of these types of word in job postings can indicate that the writer isn’t certain how to describe the role, and may also be a hint that the job will require long hours and burnout.

Similar keywords: Guru, wizard, rock star, Jedi, superhero, evangelist


Use of this word in a job description indicates that employees are expected to do more than punch in and out: the company wants employees who are enthused about the work involved, the industry, and the company. No complainers or clock-watchers wanted!

This word is particularly common in nonprofit and technology job listings.

How to show you have the skills: Carefully research the company before writing your cover letter and interviewing: this will help you seem engaged with the business and role.

Similar keywords: enthusiastic, high energy, committed


Did you save your company money in your last position? Eliminate an inefficiency? Participate in an award-winning project?

How to show you have the skills: Use this keyword as an excuse to trot out some of your accomplishments in your cover letter (and interview, if you get one).Including this phrase means the company is interested in candidates who save money, staff time, increase sales, or whatever the desired outcome in the job’s industry.


Expect a position that won’t involve a lot of handholding, weekly meetings with supervisors, or set check-ins.

How to show you have the skills: Highlight times you’ve worked independently. If you are someone who likes to ask a lot of questions or requires feedback and affirmation, this might not be a good role for you. And if the role requires a lot of work that’s new to you, this might not be a good fit. You’ll be setting yourself up for failure if you take on a position with unfamiliar responsibilities that doesn’t provide training or supervision.

Similar keywords: proactive, works well under pressure, willing to work independently, entrepreneurial, independent, resourceful

Team Player

How to show you have the skills: Emphasize your ability to work well with others, and your strengths at brainstorming and collaborating. You may want to speak from the “we” instead of the “I” while answering some questions during an interview.

Show Don’t Tell (Your Skills)

As you plan your resume and cover letter and prep for an interview, keep this writer’s adage in mind: Show, don’t tell.

Look for ways to demonstrate times you’ve embodied the qualities detailed in these phrases.

Rather than describing yourself as “a self-starter,” for example, describe a time you handled a project independently.

What Pinoys Really Are Saying When You Play Dota 2 With Them

Filipino players in have earned themselves a reputation for swearing a lot, playing badly, and flat-out refusing to type or speak in English. It’s come to a point where anything that isn’t English or Chinese in the Southeast Asian servers is almost automatically dismissed as Tagalog. It’s annoying, of course, and embarrassing for other Pinoys who actually speak in English to communicate with their team.

(See: 7 kinds of players on the Dota 2 SEA server)

Now I won’t say that Pinoys don’t trash-talk or don’t swear, but here’s something to ponder on: they don’t do it all the time. Oftentimes, it’s just “Pinoys not speaking in English” as opposed to “Pinoys trash-talking in a language other than English”. So here are some Tagalog expressions and in-game language for your reference. The goal isn’t to teach you the language, but it might lessen the rage if you knew they aren’t trash-talking. We even added some in-game terms to help with gameplay communication (somehow).

Tangina/Tangina mo

– A swear word, which literally means “your mother is a whore”


– Stupid


– An expression for surprise, disappointment or disagreement

San punta?

– Where are you going?


– A slang word, which means “tastes good” and is often used after gaining anything significant such as a kill, Roshan, or a big item

(See: The Facebook video of a kid trash talking is not okay)

Basic communication


– Focus fire. This doesn’t refer to Windranger’s skill. This means to focus on one hero until he goes down. So saying “FF Luna” means to focus all skills and attacks on Luna until she dies.


– Everyone should go and push the mid lane with the intention of taking high ground and finishing the game. It comes from the game mode “only mid”, hence “OM”.


– Go straight for. For example, “rekta mid” or “rekta Radiance”

Quiapo gaming

– A playstyle or strategy that consists of running away or avoiding team fights.


– Means “to break”. In-game, it means to “do damage to or take the tower”.


– Means “itchy”, but generally used to describe heroes that have high damage and are generally annoying.

(See: 5 signs that you’re still a Dota 2 noob (and how to cure it))

Heroes, items, and skills


– Mirana’s Sacred Arrow


– Roam, Crystal Maiden


– Mirana’s Leap, Faceless Void’s Timewalk, Blink


– Treant Protector, Nature’s Prophet’s Treants


– Shadow Shaman’s Serpent Wards


– Pudge’s Dismember


– Lycan’s Shapeshift


– Death Prophet’s Excorcism


– Sleep as in the status, but may also refer to Naga Siren’s Song of the Siren or Bane Elemental’s Nightmare


– Juggernaut’s Blade Fury


– Kunkka’s Ghost Ship

Jeje boots/Jeje

– Arcane boots

Did you learn anything useful? Of course, this isn’t to say that it’s okay for Pinoys or any other nationality to refuse to communicate in English with their teammates. After all, Dota 2 relies much on communication. However, let’s keep in mind that just because a person isn’t speaking your language doesn’t mean he’s trash talking. Even if he is Pinoy.

Here’s some food for thought before you trash-talk:

UPDATE 28-08-14: This article has been updated to correct Kagat; add San Punta?, Aso, Talon, Rak Na Itu, Wew, Kati, and Jumong; and add “Roaming” to Dora.

Construction Supervisor Job Description Template

A construction supervisor will be involved in the supervision of contractors and other staff in the field and will oversee the construction activities that occur on the worksite. He or she will plan, oversee, and implement construction efforts at work sites and report to the construction manager.

Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise sub-contractors by selecting and evaluating them as well as monitoring and controlling their performance

Travel to and supervise multiple sites during the course of a day

Accomplish project goals by defining scope and purpose of the project, determining required resources, allocating resources, establishing protocols and standards, scheduling staff, resolving design problems, evaluating deadline estimates and adjusting as needed, and implementing change orders

Fulfill human resource needs by hiring, training, scheduling, assigning, coaching, and disciplining employees; adhering to procedures and policies; recommending compensation; and communicating job expectations

Meet construction budget by providing capital budget and annual operating information, identifying variances, and monitoring project expenses

Approve projects by gaining approvals from buyers and performing inspections at critical phases

Meet operational standards by resolving problems, contributing information to strategic plans, and identifying improvements

Maintain healthy and safe work environment by enforcing procedures and standards and complying with legal regulations

Prevent interruptions and fines by enforcing and fulfilling codes

Qualifications and Skills of Construction Supervisor

High school diploma or GED required

Bachelor degree preferred (in business, construction management, or engineering)

Minimum of five years in the construction industry, with some leadership experience

Strong leadership skills

Excellent organization and planning skills to prioritize and balance work

Ability to lead others in the completion of a schedule, budget guidelines, and customer requirements

Great verbal and written communication skills

Valid driver’s license

Computer proficient, with experience in MS Excel, Project, and Word

Company Profile

C & R Enterprises is located in Palo Alto, CA and has been around for 30 years. We offer a work environment that fosters the growth, development, and individual personalities of our employees. We value innovation, honest communication, adaptability, and customer and teammate loyalty. We believe in rewarding hard work, and our benefit package and financial incentives are outstanding. Our goal is to double our business in the next ten years and we need high quality talent to help us succeed.

Best Practices of Writing a Job Description

Be specific when listing both job duties and qualifications. This will help you weed out candidates who are not qualified or who are not interested in what the position requires.

Use bullet points in the responsibilities and qualifications sections to help make it clear and easy to read.

Although applicants should do their own research about the company, this is your chance to describe the culture of your organization. Give it a personality and highlight benefits and perks that may attract high quality candidates.

Make sure to make it clear how to submit an application so that it is easy for job searchers to do so. Include a mail address, email address, or online form as well as the name of the hiring manager.

Check with your company policy before posting salary information. This may also be a better conversation in person during an interview.

What Is Another Word For Love?

Denoting a strong feeling of emotional attachment

“Groping for words, I tell her of my ongoing love and respect, which has outlasted a cycle of hurt and mutual wariness.”

An intense attraction or profound likeability

“As each day passed, my love for you grew.”

A person who is loved, especially in a romantic or amorous relationship

“For you, my love, I will walk the ends of the earth just to be with you.”

A favorable inclination or enthusiasm for something

“Whenever I am around a bakery, I cannot deny the sense of love I have for delicious pastries.”

Of having reverence for something or someone

“His heart and body will melt when he is in that state of full absorption in the love for God, and tears will run down his eyes.”

The act or nature of showing care or kind regard for others

“He showed immense love for his fellow man, when he lifted him onto his shoulders and carried him from the battlefield.”

Denoting an intimate relationship between two people

“Their love is one of a dangerous nature, which must be kept secret at all cost.”

The gentle or kind exercise of power

Enthusiasm, affection, or kindness

Nothing or zero in amount, quantity or degree

Approval or permission given for a decision (to do something), especially on a moral or emotional level

Great enthusiasm and energy

Polite greetings or good wishes

The act of coupling or joining

Lustful desire or appetite

A phenomenon that becomes popular for a very short time

Dear (used as a pet name)

A person or thing viewed as a model of excellence

Behaviour showing high moral standards

Behaviour designed to persuade someone to marry or develop a romantic relationship with one

A treaty agreeing to peace

To like in an emphatic manner, or have a strong liking for

“Of course, I would love having a coffee with you.”

To revere someone or something profoundly with unwavering devotion

“The locals love their ancestors, and their attachment to family land is almost visceral.”

( euphemistic) To have physical or intimate relations with someone

“Paul kept saying that he was made to love her, and that she was made to love him. He then remarked that he couldn’t get enough of her, and asked if she could get enough of him.”

To cherish or remember fondly

“But I still love him, and that feeling doesn’t change just because the relationship has changed.”

To recognize something as valuable

To touch or stroke gently or lovingly

Used as a polite closing to a letter to family, relatives, close friends or romantic partners

“Lots of love, from your dearest and closest friend, John.”

Relating to love or to amorous relationships

Born to unmarried parents

Related Words and Phrases

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