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Xu Hướng 11/2022 # The Best League Of Legends Champions / 2023 # Top 16 View

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Who are the best League of Legends champions? There’s never a bad time to experiment with a new role or expand your personal roster of characters. But, with nearly 150 to choose from, it can be difficult to decide who you’re going to take into the Rift, even if you know your desired role.

To help you decide, this guide breaks down the top LoL champions you can play right now, whether you’re looking to play in the top lane, mid lane, bottom lane, or in the jungle. Some champions have a higher skill ceiling than others, so the following list features potential picks for both experienced players and those just starting out. It also includes multiple playstyles and subclasses to help you find your niche.

Note: this is far from an exhaustive list. League of Legends’ huge roster continues to grow, and while the champions mentioned above are a good starting point, personal preference plays a big part in finding a main.

The best League of Legends champions are:

Top Lane is often seen as an isolated part of Summoner’s Rift. As a result, champions who dwell here must hold their own throughout the laning phase and rarely leave the lane to contribute to fights until the middle stages of a game. This relative seclusion makes top lane one of the most competitively diverse areas of League of Legends, but a choice few subclasses tend to make the biggest impression.

Beginner Top


Trading-brief, non-fatal skirmishes between lane partners-is an integral part of League of Legends, but nowhere is it more important than the isolated reaches of top lane. If you’re new to it, few champions embody the concept more effectively than Renekton.

His simple combo lets him close the gap on his opponent, incapacitate them, heal, and escape. He deals plenty of damage while not taking much himself. His ultimate, Dominion, is effective for lengthier fights, while his passive emphasises the importance of resource management and playing around personal power spikes.


If you’d rather not worry too much about your health bar, tanks with strong offensive and defensive capabilities are a good choice. Sion’s W, Soul Furnace, produces a shield that’ll keep you out of trouble and damage nearby enemies after it expires, as well as offering an extra incentive for good last-hitting. In a tricky encounter, Roar of the Slayer lets you whittle down enemy health bars before launching into battle with plenty of crowd-control thanks to Unstoppable Onslaught and Decimating Smash.

Experienced Top


Top lane has traditionally been the hangout of bruisers who thrive on physical damage, but it’s also been home to a handful of mages. Vladimir is the quintessential battlemage: he can wade into a fight, dealing huge amounts of area-of-effect damage, and use his blood magic to heal. Mastery of his Q and E are central to a successful laning phase, but get them right and The Crimson Reaper will becomes a potent late-game threat.


Juggernauts are a relatively safe bet as they both take and deal large amounts of damage, but their weakness lies in their lack of mobility. Thanks to his passive and his W, Mordekaiser can give and take a beating. His E, Death’s Grasp, drags players towards him in a wide area to prevent their escape. Mordekaiser’s ultimate, Realm of Death, plays a massive part in team fights: it removes the biggest threat from the battle by forcing them into a 1v1 duel.

While other roles gain gold and experience from the minions that march tirelessly down their lanes, the jungler dwells in the forests between lanes, gaining power from neutral monsters that confer powerful buffs. As well as slaughtering the local fauna, jungle champions are responsible for major objectives like Baron and the Dragons. Then there’s ganking-diving into lane to ambush opponents.

Beginner Jungle


Shyvana’s speed and AoE damage make her particularly good at surviving. Once you’ve burned through monster camps with Burnout and Flame Breath, Shyvana can use Dragon’s Descent to transform into a higher damage-dealing dragon, which expands her possible build paths.


Once you’ve learned to survive, go on the offensive. A successful gank often comes down to good timing, but you can improve your odds by picking a character with good crowd-control and mobility. Vi excels at both: use her to dash into lane with Vault Breaker before unleashing Assault and Battery.

Experienced Jungle

Lee Sin

The Blind Monk is a difficult League of Legends champion to master. While most champions have four active abilities, Lee Sin’s Q, W, and E all have secondary casts. The payoff is significant, however, as Lee Sin is one of the most effective early-game junglers. He’s adept at clearing camps, ganking, and even counter-jungling his opposite number.


Many junglers use physical damage-particularly in the early game-but there’s room for the occasional mage. Ekko requires preparation for effective ganking, but he offers impressive damage and potent CC if you can get everything lined up. His ultimate makes him relatively low-risk, as he’s able to dive under a tower before rewinding back to safety.

The mid lane has traditionally been dominated by high-damage mages, although a few blade-wielding assassins also call the lane home. Map awareness and lane management are key to success here: ganks can be prevalent, but pushing in your minion wave and then ‘roaming’ to assist another lane is often a route to success.

Beginner Mid

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate has a number of tricks up his sleeve with just one ability: Pick a Card. The spell’s three effects let him keep tabs on his mana, clear minion waves, or stun enemies before following up with other spells. His ultimate, Destiny, teleports him across the map, making it easy for him to roam other lanes.


Annie is an easy-to-learn Burst mage, whose strength is stunning opponents before obliterating them with fire magic. Her long range and her Q lets her farm with relative ease without worrying about mana cost. But if not prepared, she’s susceptible to ganks.

Experienced Mid


Ryze’s high skill ceiling makes him a solid competitive pick. Getting him right requires a solid understanding of both his Flux and Rune systems, but when everything comes together, Ryze gains Area of Effect damage, enhanced crowd-control, and speed boosts. His ultimate, Realm Warp, allows for everything from the simplest roams to game-winning plays, even at professional level.


One of the slipperiest League of Legends champions, Akali is the embodiment of the mid-lane assassin. Capable of flipping back and forth across the entire map seemingly at will, she deals an impressive amount of both physical and magic damage. She can use Twilight Shroud to temporarily disappear to initiate daring escapes or strikes from the shadows.

ADCs tend to be weak early game, but their high range and damage helps them thrive later on. ADCs-or Marksmen, as Riot prefers to call them-tend to split into two camps: some rely on traditional auto attacks to unleash damage, while others alternate their basic attacks between powerful spells.

Beginner ADC


Caitlyn boasts one of the longest ranges in League, which lets her deal plenty of damage while staying far from potential threats. Her Q allows her to poke enemies and kill minions from a distance, while her W and E creates safe zones in which Caitlyn can trap enemies and deal bonus damage.


Spellcasting ADCs are generally more complex than their auto-attacking counterparts, but Ezreal is a good place to start. His W and Q offer an easy, long-range combo, while Arcane Shift lets evade incoming enemies or close the gap on vulnerable foes. His ultimate, Trueshot Barrage, contributes to skirmishes from across the entire map, too.

Experienced ADC


Xayah is a popular competitive pick, thanks in no small part to her ultimate, which makes her impossible to target and offers her a few seconds to escape. She also offers some of the most potent crowd-control of any ADC, but you’ll need to pay close attention to your position to optimise the synergy between Double Daggers and Bladecaller.


Kai’Sa is another highly contested pick at professional level. She’s something of a hybrid: Kai’Sa can use physical and magic damage depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the other players on the Rift. Her ultimate, Killer Instinct, lets her dash into the middle of the fight, which makes her a high-risk pick. However, the power in the rest of her kit promises a high-reward if you can get her right.

The primary role of a support champion is to prop up the ADC by helping facilitate their kills or keeping them alive into late game. It’s a broad role, but there are four key archetypes; defensive Enchanters, offensive Vanguards, tanky Wardens, and high-damage Burst supports.

Beginner Support


Enchanters like Janna are defined by heals, shields, and low-level disruptive crowd control. Janna’s shield helps her fit along most ADCs, which grants bonus physical damage on whomever it’s placed. Zephyr and Howling Gale help keep threats off Janna’s carry, while Monsoon scatters entire teams.


Lots of supports thrive on their ability to grab or snare enemy champions. Nautilus’ Q, Dredge Line, helps him do both, with crowd-control potential found in the rest of his kit. As an added bonus, he’s pretty tanky.

Experienced Support


Wardens are defensive tanks best used to keep enemies away from their carries. Galio’s Q and E make him a little more aggressive than other members of his subclass, but his E gives him greater coverage in a team fight. His ultimate agives him presence throughout the map, something with which many other supports struggle.


If you prefer to be the one dealing the damage, Pyke is an intriguing blend of assassin and support. His passive and W keeps him healthy and out of sight, which gives him the opportunity to pick off unwitting enemies with Bone Skewer and stun them with Phantom Undertow. If Pyke gets a kill with Death from Below, the assisting ally gains extra gold, which prevents too much disruption to the traditional League of Legends economy.

The Best League Of Legends Champions For Beginners (8 Recommendations) / 2023

LoL Champions Recommended for Beginners

Whether you’re new to LoL, a returning player, or want to go back to basics, you may be interested in knowing what some of the easiest champions to play and master in League of Legends are.

In this Mobalytics guide by PicklePants, we will break down some of the most accessible champions to learn on Summoners Rift. This guide’s intention isn’t to be a tier list, but instead suggest some champions who are easier to learn in comparison to others.

You may disagree with some of the recommendations in this guide, or you may think we should’ve included somebody else instead. That’s fine, after all, each champion’s difficulty is subjective as some players may find Yasuo easy whereas others struggle with him.

What is an “easy champion”

The term “easy” is a very loose one. Some players find some aspects of the game and some champion mechanics easier than others. In this guide, we determine an “easy champion” as someone who has a simple kit, requires few games to “master”, and whose mechanics and playstyle can be translated to other champions with ease.

Some champions have specific mechanics or play styles that do not transition well into other champions. For example, while Draven is like many other ADC’s, he has a specific mechanic (the Axe mechanic) that makes him hard to play.

Why should you play “easy” champions in League of Legends?

When learning anything in life, it’s better to start with the basics rather than jumping in at the deep end. With swimming, you don’t dive into 30-foot deep water before you know how to swim. When learning to code, everyone starts with “hello world” and they’re not expected to create the next big thing.

These real-life scenarios are great examples and relate very well to League of Legends. When learning anything in the game, it’s better to build your way up and learn things bit by bit. Each champion we’ve listed in this guide will help you learn some of the basics in the game including laning, trading, farming, playing safe, playing aggressive, and a lot more.

I know how much you love the look of Draven or Riven- like hey, who doesn’t, but when you want to learn a new role, learn a new skill or focus on something in particular, it’s best to work with something simple to begin with before moving forward.

Take note that the ability rundown is rather basic. If you want to check out a more in-depth version- head over to our champion page section.

1. Annie

All of these things will help you improve as a Mid laner as a whole. She forces you to focus more on the little things that many players overlook. Rather than focusing on mechanics as most Mid laner do. Annie takes things back a step and makes you focus on anything but mechanics.

Learn more about Annie including her builds, runes, and some helpful tips with our Annie champion page.

2. Ashe

Ashe is also a really cheap champion. Coming in at only 450 Blue Essence, she is in the bracket of low-cost champions: making her an ideal first champion if you want to learn the ADC role.

Learn more about Ashe including her builds, runes, and some helpful tips with our Ashe champion page.

3. Caitlyn

Her gameplay is very similar to most ADC’s and learning her will help you improve in a variety of aspects including trading stance, harassing, kiting and team fights.

Learn more about Caitlyn including her builds, runes, and some helpful tips with our Caitlyn champion page.

4. Darius

Darius is a non-forgiving champion who relies on trading in the early game. This is good for players who are new to the game as it can help them get an understanding of their limitations and learn what they can and can’t achieve.

His playstyle is very similar to a lot of bruisers: allowing players to transition to other champions in the Top lane with ease.

Learn more about Darius including his builds, runes, and some helpful tips with our Darius champion page.

5. Garen

Garen is a grand champion in many ways and can help you understand the fundamentals of Top lane. His kit also transitions well into many other bruiser champions in the Top lane like Renekton and Darius too.

Learn more about Garen including his builds, runes, and some helpful tips with our Garen champion page.

6. Malphite

It’s no secret that Malphite isn’t very strong early, but learning how to play around his weaknesses will help you as a whole. Malphite doesn’t really come online until level 6 and he rewards players who do not die on him.

Malphite can teach a lot of players how to team fight too. Learning when it’s important to split up from your team and split push or group with them and fight is crucial when you want to learn the game.

Learn more about Malphite including his builds, runes and some helpful tips with our Malphite champion page.

7. Maokai

Maokai is similar to Malphite as his Ultimate is a great tool in team fights which can catch enemies out of position with ease.

Learn more about Maokai including his builds, runes and some helpful tips with our Maokai champion page.

8. Rammus

For this and many other reasons, your best bet to get a good grasp on how to jungle is by playing somebody with a basic kit to get started with. This makes Rammus an ideal pick when learning to jungle.

Learn more about Rammus including his builds, runes and some helpful tips with our Rammus champion page.


And that’s about it for this guide. We’ve gone ahead and discussed some easy to learn champions that will help you master or improve at some of the basic in-game concepts. Try some of these out in bot games and in normals before moving on to harder champions.

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League Of Legends: The 5 Best Champions To Main In Each Role / 2023

1. Diana

Ever since her mini-rework that swapped her dash from the ult to a regular ability, Diana has been one of the strongest solo queue mid laners. With her newfound slipperiness and the massive damage she can output on her reworked ult, Diana is a strong laner who also scales incredibly well.

She’s also a fairly linear champion in her trading and playstyle, but within that, there is a lot of room to experiment and learn some deep tricks. She can easily play as a teamfighter, secondary diver, skirmisher, or splitpusher depending on your preference.

2. Cassiopeia

Probably the strongest mage mid laner in League of Legends, Cassiopeia just has so many tools to control the pace of the mid lane. From her Miasma, which basically counters any potential engage, to her CC ult, to her ticking poison, to her built-in healing, Cassiopeia is a fantastic mid laner to main.

Yes, her kit is very skillshot-heavy. This means that she will not be as forgiving to newer players. That said, her learning curve is so strong that investing the games into learning her kit is going to be worth it.

3. Fizz

Fizz is an absolute menace in the mid lane, despite the fact that he’s exceptionally simple to play. Like Diana, he has a very linear playstyle of go in and dump all your damage before getting out. Unlike Diana, however, he has a very easy “get out” button.

That is, of course, his Playful Trickster, aka the bane of many mid laners’ existence. With both invulnerability and a long dash, this ability makes the Tidal Trickster’s kit incredibly forgiving as you learn the champion.

4. Ekko

Wait, this seems chúng tôi that’s right, Ekko was also one of the best junglers to main. This makes him incredibly valuable if you play both positions. With his mix of waveclear and assassination potential, he might be even more deadly in the mid lane where he can roam and push waves with ease.

5. Vladimir

Although many expected him to be in our list of best champions to main regarding the top lane, Vlad has actually been considerably stronger mid lane in Season 10. His kit is built to sustain and survive the early game as he builds items and scales into a monster in the late game. In addition, his pool ability to dodge ganks makes him forgiving to play. Never a bad choice for a champion to learn and, yes, he’s great to flex top, just not as consistent.

Top Ten Strongest League Of Legends Champions / 2023

That’s my favorite… I wonder why only use this champion samotimes in the world championship… is that because is not good in clash, and blitz is more greater chance in pulling… but the only thing that makes me darius is the best is the combo of diz champ.. Tips: gank is the best medicine top or bot. Always in grass.. from the tip… Just wait a perfect time to use your skill… don’t use 3RD! Start with W, Q and then E… if its not enough… flash, R will do it.That’s all and no one can beat me from that combo. Its just an opinion

Best champion in laugh out loud in my opinion. He is ridiculously difficult to counter, his damage is insane (especially his passive Haemorrhage, which is like a second Ignite) with Decimate and Crippling Strike. If the enemy runs, he pulls them back with Apprehend and his ultimate, Noxian Guillotine, just dunks the enemy to oblivion, not to mention he can redo it in 20 secs after the kill. Simply insane.

Darius is, by far, the most OP champion. Today it’s easy to counter him, but he is one of the easiest champion, great ratios, natural damage and tankyness, an amazing ultimate.

Darius is a lane bully and he is certainly one of the most op champ out there. He has his stacking passive that destroys early game and late game is not even a question with his damage and his tankiness. He is certainly an easy champ to play but he is fun and there is nothing better than a fed darius haha.

Lee Sin is hard to get used to but once you practice and get good with him, he will prove to be the best champion of them all. Not to mention he has 7 totally badass abilities.

Q: He sends a sonic wave that hits and reveals any champion. Once that is placed, he can press Q again to instantly dash to that enemy, making it easier to finish off if he is running away. Also it can travel through walls, which is awesome

W: He shields himself and/or another ally by dashing instantly to that ally. He gains a small shield that does only a portion of his health, however it is useful for the enemy to waste ignite and escape a turret without any health loss and can help escape by dashing to an ally, or even a ward. He can press W again to gain additional lifesteal, which is pretty good.

E: When Lee Sin casts E, his hits the ground and deals magic damage to enemies around him. It’s a very small range but it’s still pretty good. Also, once that’s done, he can cast E again to … more

I just bought him a few days ago and I am a noob in Silver I. I can’t jungle, but with Lee Sin it’s very easy. And his ganks are awesome! His E slows them, Q and W close gaps and his ultimate kicks the enemy to fellow champions or turret. It also helps save champs as you can ult and kick away a bruiser. His shield also saves you or other champs from dying to ignite, very OP!

Lee Sin is one of the characters that is very hard to master but when someone sees you play him like a god or a trickster, they will worship you just for knowing how hard it is to use a Lee Sin. He has the tools you need to jungle and to gank that is why when used properly, those turrets mean no thing just by ward jumping and insec kicking.

He is blind be nice to him

Kassadin has some great tools for chasing and cleaning up fights. Flash with short cool down that can aoe damage, combined with another flash for great mobility. Force Pulse is useful in team fights and his nether blade gives mana regen. Though he is somewhat squishy, his ult helps him get out of near impossible situations.

Kassadin is the best! he is nice to build and strongest ap in the late game! He is the only champion who can run away and catch easily with his ultimate and his void wave! I think that he is the best mid laner

When someone tries to hug him they die… If they run from his hugs they still die

With the right gear, This crowd control champion can be devastating especially if centered around tanking.

His ult, his E’s cooldown. One of the best tanks I would say. And, the most important part, he’s cute!Hey, he has no friends, be nice

My first pentakill was with chúng tôi the ADs were taunted to hit me with low health not realizing their damage is reduced and combined with Thornmail..it’s so fun..

Q: With this, he can catch up to enemies when they are running away and kill like 10 minions in 2 secondsW: Whenever you are running low on health, Meditate can help you recover and bring you good condition to fight againE: This is helpful in fighting against enemies with high health and destroys turrets fasterR: Master Yi gains bonus movement speed, attack speed and attack damage. He is also immune to slowing movements (which can be good for escapes)

If played correctly, he can gank beautifully (1v1//2v1//even 3v1). Combine with Smite and Flash, Yi can solo the Dragon and pick up a Quadra kill (if you’re good enough then penta). He’s also very cheap IP which makes him a great starter. Yi also has many different builds like semi-tanky, high AD, high AS, and can distract a group of enemies or lead them into a trap for a big play. One of my favorite plays is stealing the drag… E + Q + Smite = Free Drag (slight possibility of death depending on how many enemies). Best play I’ve made: Stole the drag, Picked up the penta for the ace, and ended the game with some winions… all while being the last alive on my team.

I love his skill. To begin with the fact that meditation fneds off attacks if your in danger and can help heal. It’s a good way to loop around being killed. Then, Alpha Strike is a good way to steal kills and his R key can wreck all the other champs to get a fast kill. Basically, what he does best is speed killing. Also, at the beginning, his attack speed is originally faster than the average, along with his attack.

I think that master yi is best done at the earliest campion. El farm has the highest damage and is very easy to play with him, all the other characters against master yi’s bull! Master yi is the best champion to play if you know you can beat any counter, so I think master yi is the best champion ami!

A very good support in my opinion, is in my top 5 supports. Though her attack is low, she shields and helps her teammates, which is what a support is for.

She is the only champion that can shield turret

Akk not to sure if I would play her but I believe she will be pretty strong

Look. The League council literally said he was too unbeatable so they made rules for him to fight under SO THE OTHER LEGENDS WOULD HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN. Jax was like “fine” and decided also, he could only fight with a brass lamppost. With the rules placed on him, he still continued to be unbeatable so the council just took them off.

You are all noobs.. So why do you think you know what the best champ is? You literally do not know how to play the game or use proper grammar. Many of you explanations just list the champs moves. Sona is the most op champ because she can heal all day and stun an entire team in a team fight.. Wow Sona is so good and I love to play her. In reality, there are many good champs some of which excel in different aspects of the game. So if you look at the game from team fight perspective ONLY then you will have to look at champs that provide wombo combos.

Sona is a healer/support that falls into the wombo combo aspect. Nobody voted for her even though she play a more important role than many of the other votes cast. However, remember that there is more strategy than just team fighting. If you can understand all the strats and champion strengths you will improve your gameplay.

I main with her, if you build her right she can take some decent chunks of health out of the enemy as a support! Heals, Stuns, Slows, Buffs, has everything a team could ask for!

Sona is easy to play, and is good at support anywhere. Her heal can save many a teammate about to die, and her movement speed is helpful for running or fighting.

Easy to use? Yes. Rocks at support? Yes. Boobs? Yes.

Zeds poke with his shadow is great, when I see a master of zed (my diamond friend) play zed I realize his full poke potential, the usefulness of his ult, the clutch shadow escapes, and his adc pick off. I am trying to become as good as him, once you are experienced with zed you can pick off any champion, even in the middle of a massive team fight.One great tip I have for zed is to remember that you can tap your r again after use to teleport back to your starting ult point. When ganking I recommend hiding in a bush, ulting, dropping your ignite, e, q, blade; then hitting r again if you know the enemy will die from your pop. Once you teleport back to the bush you will be hard to catch and counter banked, or chased down, you will have distance between you and your enemy, be off the enemies map, and will still have your w to “teleport” to another bush or to the safety of your turret

It’s all about the shadows; remembering where you put them and remembering to use them at the right time when that time comes. If you use the shadows correctly, you should not only be able to use them to do extra damage if your enemy champions get too close to them, but you can also switch spots with them to get out of a sticky situation, or catch up with a low health champ and take them out.

Zed is the best he can escape all the time with his r and w, shadow exchange OP. I main him and use him every time to get into enemy side and get that ADC killed and escape with my ult. He just need some special items to show his benefits, like duskblade, yomumu and the ruined kings. Although the hardest skill of him is shadow exchange, but once you know how to use his skills, you can get a PENTA easily. and your q takes them half blood.

Zed is incredible. Having problems with minions just put a shadow near them and do any ability. The best thing is Zed can go through walls and obstacles. Guess what, Zed can even move out of the way when someone uses their ult. All he does is trade places with a shadow.

Garen is an amazing champion if you can use him properly. His abilities are awesome and very powerful. If he is made tanky and if a it of attack damage is bought he becomes really good be it in 1v1s or team fights. With support champions like ashe, who can stun enemies, he can take down almost everyone.Usually if you hide in a bush and the opponent doesn’t know you can easily kill him (especially squishy targets) with his ability combo. First strike the enemy hard and silence him with Q and then start spinning which would do massive damage. Once the enemy has around 500 health he n be executed using his R attack

Bad ass rugged skin. Strong ad scaling. Can survived burst. Can kill carries in a matter of seconds. Very easy to use, just wait for yor team mate initiation most probably, an aoe stun then, wreak havoc.

Garen is so much fun to play with! I wouldn’t call his abilities cheap but they could be really deadly! He is also very easy to use! Garen definitely is one of my favourites!

Since I’ve started playing Garen, I’ve learned to play top and how to Jungle. It’s a fun game, since I don’t use a glass cannon (like Brand)…

Q: She can hit 4 enemies with it and gets a mark that deals more damage. Also great with Luden’s Echo. Op free poke

W: She can deal tons of damage with whirling her blades around her. She just spams this all the time to deal damage

E: The most op ability in her kit. She can “flash” to a target ally or enemy minion or champion. Basically a gap closer and flash all in one. Starts her op combo which lets her get her pentas

R: Channels and gets a bunch of blades running around. Luden’s Echo procs so much with this ability because it gets +5 per spell cast and each blade counts as one so…

All in all she is op

Um I think Katarina should be in the top ten because she is Garens rival and it kind of means that she could beat Garen by herself with the right items and I got 3 pentakills with her and one of them was by myself the other one was with like two other people and one died and I killed them but one person then the other person hit him then I threw my dagger and killed him and won laugh out loud the last one I got quadra kill then ignited the last person standing and died but my team mates got him low and my ignite did the rest. Sorry for bragging a lil but I’m not lying it was that epic any way I got so many Quadra kills and I forgot how many I got and again srry for bragging my point is she should be in the top ten laugh out loud

In my opinion Kat is super broken if she gets an early game kill; her ult does massively area damage and is ridiculous in team fights (I think we’ve all seen a Kat pent… ‘_’) Kat is one of the best in and out champions in the game the ability to q, e (teleport in), w, then maybe ult and walk away is broken, she can do massive damage then just walk away like nothing ever happened.

My first champion was katarina and she is my main champ and I always get triple and Quadra kills with her and sometimes penta,but you need time to practice on her but when you master her she’s really perfect and you won’t be dead so easy and get many kills with her if you master her.

Almost no one can bring so much utility to a team fight other than Jarvan. His Q shreds armor. His W is an AoE slow. His E gives an attack speed aura buff. He has an AoE knock-up. His infamous ultimate can easily lock down the enemy team.

He is very item-independent. He can build pretty much anything given the situation he might be. Are you ahead? Build a bruiser build and carry the game. Are you behind? No problem. Build tanky and your utility will win team fights. One of his only weakness is he don’t have natural sustain.

Even though he is most well known for top and jungle, he can also go as any role and do really well (with an exception of ADC). As mid, he can E-Q a squishy mid and melt their face. As support, he can peel and tank for their ADC really well; he’s basically a Leona. As a jungler, he has decent clear time, but his ganks are really great. As top, his passive and his q serve as great pokes.

Also, Demacia.

Jarvan IV is one of the best champions because he can play defensive and offensive at the same time and also can cause devastating damage in team fights. Furtheremore, can buff the whole team with attack speed boost. At last he can trap the whole enemy team in a death hole (R).

This guy is amazing, his passive, his ultimate, everything. At the first time, you find he’s hard to play, but when you get used to, J4 probably the best choice.

If you build Jarvan the right way he is a tank that cannot be escaped with

Teemo is great with the ability to be fast.

This champion’s passive is Camouflage. A great way to hide yourself from the enemy and to surprise the enemy.

A combination of blinding darts and poison darts can make a champion in the state of being in low health.

The ultimate ability is great for beating up your enemy. The enemy will hardly know about the mushrooms around them.

This thing is really OP. You can place the mushroom traps on top of each other. And the enemy would be like Hey! Looks like someone is almost dead. Better kill them. And then they step on 10 mushroom traps that look like 1 trap. And they would go BOOM! Great class overall. And that trap is really OP

This sack of poison shoots bullets out of it’s mouth! I only saw that like twice when I took that strange drink and smoked ganza at 6 AM at the beach of Matosinhos in Portugal… Trippy stuff mate…

You must choose Yasuo! Dashes through front lines, kills enemy, dashes back, AND ALL WITH A IMPENETRABLE SHIELD! Brilliant in places with a lot of people/minions to dash through. Ezreal stands no chance against him because Ezreal’s Q is on-hit and would most likely hit the minions next to Yasuo. ALSO, Yasuo is one of the easiest champions to be fed. Oh, and if you ARE against a ranged champion without any minions or champions around, YOUR W BLOCKS ALL RANGED DAMAGE (it’s a wall of wind). No limit on it, too OP!

If Yasuo is not the best champ, I don’t see anyone better.

First of all, he is broken. I love Yasuo, be he’s broken. He has the lowest cooldowns in the game. His Q hits incredibly hard, his W stops all hopes for ranged champs, his E can be used constantly and can gank easy, and his Ultimate can wipe out an entire team in one use. If that wasn’t enough, his Ultimate has a cooldown of 30 SECONDS. THAT’S INSANE. He is awesome and I love him, but he needs to be balanced.

Two crit items = God mode. You can pretty much tank him up after two crit items (IE, Shiv, PD, whatever gets you going), because it is almost 100% crit. He’s good in lane (if you can use him properly), has a good mid game (if you time your entries), and is easily the most OP champ late game (100% crit, 50% bonus armor penetration, outduels almost anyone with everyone in lock item mode). Of course, you’d have to survive the lane first, which is difficult for Yasuo.

Man I love how he slams the ground and champions die. Also a beast who can take quite a bit of punishment. Use R when you want many kills and it’s a chúng tôi takes even less damage then!

Actually this champ is not really good at killing, he is only one of the best champ when it comes to pushing towers and diving them. He can only become strong when most of the enemy champ have no escape mechanism and I found out that his life steal is not that powerful because a single stun or knock back can kill him in a seconds because it stops you from healing and his life steal wont do much to burst champs. still he is good to play but I wish he could have better stats because his hp and armor at level one is too low compared to other ad fighters…

Once you level enough, you can easily take on the majority of the opposing team with your ultimate, Massacre, and your other abilities. You’ll need a bloodthirster and a couple Warmog’s Armor sets. Make sure you have Blood Well not on cool down! His Q is a huge gap closer and initiator and is good for escaping an enemy base when you follow them in. You can else fly over terrain to avoid enemies. His W makes him able to deal tons of damage or last longer in a fight and exhaust the other. The E is good to damage and slow your opponents and is one of the most important opponents. The R is basically what you do right after you Q a champion. If you have decent health, the enemy champion is most likely going to die.

That non-stop twin fang when poisoned is absurd plus a mastered Cassiopeia can stun the whole enemy team by her amazing ultimate! That ulti is game changing. A great kiter and a great tank shredder mage than the other AP mages because her DPS is awesome. This snake lady is amazing, a late-game monster beast with that damage!

Awesome ult plus awesome w, e combo can burst down most of the champions. Plus she is the most sustain mage in the whole game

Constant damage withers away toughest tanks

Long Range!Fast Cooldown!KS for everyone!Probably the best champion for noobs and beginners!

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