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Xu Hướng 2/2023 # #Review Of Strong Words Magazine Issue 11 June 2022 @Strongwordsmag # Top 7 View

Bạn đang xem bài viết #Review Of Strong Words Magazine Issue 11 June 2022 @Strongwordsmag được cập nhật mới nhất trên website Hoisinhvienqnam.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

I was kindly sent a free copy of the Strong Words magazine by Kate from, well Strong Words in hopes that I could be tempted into a subscription not to review, this review is me sharing my thoughts and if you think it’s your thing great, it’s definitely my type of magazine!

I also enjoyed the Q&A given by Polly Clark about the research that she threw herself in to in order to give a more authentic feel to her newest novel Tiger – she talks about her travels to track Siberian Tigers and learnt about their mannerisms. A great and information filled read. This article, as well as the others are really well written and articulated, there is quite literally something for everyone – even a crossword and poem on the back, the writers, editors and publicists have done a great job.

My verdict? Yes, I am a complete convert, I shall be subscribing for this fantastic concept of a magazine in time for this months issue! If you don’t feel like subscribing long term, you can buy a copy as and when you choose either online or from any good newsstand. The next issue will be available for your viewing pleasure on the 31st of July.

Are you already a subscriber?  Have you read Strong Words magazine? What did you think? Let me know!

*I was sent a free copy of Strong Words magazine to read and consider starting a subscription, not review – I decided to review because more people should be reading it! Thanks again Strong Words Magazine for my copy.

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Kit Harington Has Strong Words For Critics Giving ‘Game Of Thrones’ Bad Reviews: “They Can Go F

Kit Harington plays one of the biggest heroes on the biggest show in TV history, and yet, he still isn’t above talking about negative reviews. Specifically, he’s willing to share just how much he doesn’t care about them, and isn’t interested in hearing a review that is critical of the final season of ” Game of Thrones.”

“How I feel about the show right now is quite defiant,” said Harington in a new interview with Esquire. “I think no matter what anyone thinks about this season-and I don’t mean to sound mean about critics here-but whatever critic spends half an hour writing about this season and makes their [negative] judgment on it, in my head they can go fuck themselves.”

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He goes on to explain that his reason for sounding so “defiant” is fueled by the fact that he is so intimately tied to the series that he knows how much blood, sweat, and tears went into the production of the final season of “Game of Thrones.” That being said, perhaps, he could have sugar-coated his feelings, just a wee bit?

Now, if you’re a regular reviewer, and not a critic, then you may think you dodged an arrow from Harington. Well, not exactly. While he doesn’t want you to go fuck yourself, he does have strong words for anyone that is “let down” by the finale.

“Now if people feel let down by it, I don’t give a fuck-because everyone tried their hardest,” he explained. “That’s how I feel. In the end, no one’s bigger fans of the show than we are, and we’re kind of doing it for ourselves. That’s all we could do, really. And I was just happy we got to the end.”

That being said, the actor would later talk about his feelings on the project when he first read the script over a decade ago. And perhaps a bit surprisingly, Harington was not an instant fan. But since it was HBO, he was willing to look past his disinterest.

READ MORE: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Final Season Premiere Earns Its Biggest Audience Ever As ‘Barry,’ ‘Veep,’ & ‘Last Week Tonight’ Feel The Ripple Effect

“To me, looking back, when I read the pilot way back in 2009, I remember thinking, ‘What is this crock of shit?'” said Harington. “‘I don’t understand this. I’m going to have to read this again.’ And I read it again. And I’m like, I still don’t get this shit at all. I think it’s kind of weird, but it’s HBO and alright, let’s do it. I would love to get this. And I think that’s what people feel when they start watching it.”

Despite Kit Harington’s apparent distaste for negative reviews and disinterested viewers, he may not have to worry about that at all for the final season. Episode 1 was released on Sunday and was met with near-universal praise from fans, leading many to think that “Game of Thrones” will go out with a bang, as it should.

Why Is Udyr So Strong In League Of Legends Season 11?

Udyr has risen back to the top of League of Legends in Season 11 after years on the sideline. Despite his simple kit, pros and casual alike are flocking to the Spirit Walker, and he’s dominating the jungle.

Udyr isn’t a champion associated with high-level League of Legends gameplay. The jungler wasn’t even really played by anyone for years. He was struggling so hard that Riot penned him in for a potential VGU in Season 11.

However, now he’s the King of the Jungle ⁠- literally. Thanks to the League Season 11 item rework, Udyr is now a popular pick with a surprisingly powerful kit. How did we get here after years of mediocrity? Well, there’s a few factors at play.

Why is Udyr so popular in League Season 11?

There’s primarily three reasons why Udyr is so popular in League of Legends right now. One is the item rework. Udyr’s build path for years has been a bit odd ⁠- he was lost between being a bruiser, a duelist, and a full-on tank. While he had bits and bobs like Trinity Force and Dead Man’s Plate, there wasn’t any synergy.

Now, he has the perfect Mythic ⁠- Turbo Chemtank. The Righteous Glory replacement has given him the tank stats he needs to live, with a kick of extra damage from the Immolate passive, and the big speed-up to charge at enemies.

He also received a handful of buffs at the end of Season 10. His Phoenix Stance ultimate ⁠- arguably the worst of his four forms for a long time ⁠- got huge buffs to bring his jungle clear back to par. Now, he has one of the fastest clears, giving him more time to run around and gank.

Finally ⁠- and we have to bring this up ⁠- but the “MoonStaff” combo enables him perfectly. Champions like Seraphine who can build it, or Orianna who can speed up Udyr, make him even more of a threat, running around the map at a million miles an hour.

All of these factors have increased Udyr’s win rate in solo queue from below 50% to up to 53% in Season 11. Plus, his playrate has exploded ten-fold, from under 1% to nearly 7%, according to stats site OP.GG.

In 2021, he’s been picked 24 times in the Big 4. Udyr pioneer Hong ‘Pyosik’ Chang-hyeon of DRX inspired junglers globally to play him, and while he only has a win rate of 9-15 right now, it seems like the pick is only on the up.

Watch DRX’s Pyosik surprise everyone with Udyr against Nongshim Redforce in LCK Spring 2021.

How to play Udyr like the League pros

You don’t have to be a pro to play Udyr. The champion is one of the easiest in the game to pick up even. If you are a rookie in the jungle or are looking for a new pick to try out, you can do no wrong with Udyr.

Maxing Phoenix and then Bear Stance (E) gives you all the clear and lockdown you need. Taking Turtle Stance (W) afterwards is a little bit of extra safety, before finally maxing out your Q last.

The goal is to fast-clear your jungle ⁠- and the enemy’s jungle ⁠- to get Turbo Chemtank. Udyr’s fast clear speed makes him conducive to just going in and invading the enemy’s camps. He has good escape tools, and this is only amplified once you start hitting your power spikes.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity allows you to buy Hailblade and steal enemy movement speed more often with Smite and is always a solid pickup. Likewise, things like Dead Man’s Plate, Force of Nature, Warmog’s Armor, and Thornmail are great items to flesh out your build with.

For that extra bit of movement speed too, don’t forget to take Phase Rush in your runes. Waterwalking is super strong on junglers in the river, while you can opt into either a defensive path with Resolve Secondary, or more offensive with Precision to help with your clear.

Ideally, you’ll be able to dance around teamfights, baiting out enemy utility, before jumping forward and latching onto a carry. If you can hit the Bear Stance stun on a squishy target, your team should be able to follow up and nuke them down with almost no counterplay.

You can also soak up a lot of damage with your builds later on, and if the situation calls for it, you can peel for your carries instead. If enemy assassins are diving onto your backline, all it takes is one Bear Stance auto to stop them in their tracks.

10 Strong Words For A Résumé That Rocks

Strong Words for a Résumé: Every time you apply for a position at a company, you are potentially representing more than just another employee to fill its roster. The organization is looking for individuals who can play important roles that can help achieve crucial business objectives, so your skills, education, experience and other positive attributes toward work should make themselves clearly known to the employer – conventionally, through the résumé you submit.

However, this is where many job applicants stumble hard. In the attempt to appear to be the most fitting candidate, people tend to pepper their résumés with words that they think the employers want to see.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, terms such as synergy, results-driven, team player, go-to person, dynamic, go-getter, self-motivated, detail-oriented, thought leadership, and even hard worker – all the terms that people have been struggling to smoothly inject into their résumés in the interest of appearing serious and professional – are all guaranteed to turn employers off, just like that.

With recruiters spending only 6.25 seconds to look over a résumé before deciding whether the candidate progresses through to the next stage of the application process or not (according to a survey by job search site TheLadders.com), you cannot afford to miss out on an employment opportunity simply because of a poor choice of words. You have to be more attuned to what employers want to discover about your from your document.

Fortunately, just as there are sweeping terms that heap empty self-praise which recruiters find meaningless, there are also words that draw their eye and encourage them to learn more about you and give you a bigger shot at the open job position.

The key to effective résumé building, as it turns out, is simply to include words and phrases that can paint a specific picture of what you were able to accomplish at your former jobs – and that can give recruiters a good idea of how you can add value to their company in turn. Essentially, these should be strong action words or phrases that let hiring managers know exactly what you have done and are capable of doing for them.

Here are the top 10 examples of strong words for a resume that will catch an employer’s eye, according to CareerBuilder:

These words, hiring managers say, are better able to describe what you accomplished at work instead of describing you. Rather than merely saying that you were a valuable member of your former company’s marketing team (which tells a recruiter nothing about what you did to deserve such a description), use action words to specify how you were able to help the company arrive at this value you are talking about.

“You can say, for instance, that you developed and managed a social media campaign that increased conversions by 30% within six months.”

Your résumé is your singular chance to tell an employer that you are the best candidate for the job. When it informs them right away of what you were able to contribute to a previous employer’s processes, as well as what skills and experience you can bring to their table for their benefit, then you have a greater chance of securing that coveted job position.

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