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Xu Hướng 12/2022 # Positive Adjectives That Start With L / 2023 # Top 18 View

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Lively list of positive adjectives starting with L

Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students. Solomon Ortiz TWEET THIS

Liberal unrestrained; tolerant to new ideas; free; generous.Liberated freed; released.Liberating giving freedom from restraint or restriction.Light-hearted happy and carefree; cheerful; merry; free from anxiety.Likable pleasing; attractive; evoking sympathetic feelings; easy to like.Like having the similar or same qualities or characteristics.Like-minded of similar opinion; of the same mind; having the similar tendencies or thoughts.Liked found enjoyable, pleasant or attractive.Likely plausible; appropriate, suitable; believable; attractive; pleasant.Limber flexing or bending readily; supple; pliant.Lionhearted courageous; brave.Lissome graceful and quick in movement; flexible; nimble; active.Literary knowledgeable of writing or literature.Literate able to write and read well; well-written.Lithe calm; mild; easily bent.Lithesome pliant; nimble; lissome; supple; flexible.Livable suitable or fit to live in or with.Live that is alive; having active properties; being energized; wide awake.Lively full, of life, spirit and energy; refreshing; invigorating; brisk.Living having life; full of vitality, interest or life; realistic or true to life; in active use or function; relating to the maintenance, support or conduct of life; lifelike.

unrestrained; tolerant to new ideas; free; generous.freed; released.giving freedom from restraint or restriction.happy and carefree; cheerful; merry; free from anxiety.pleasing; attractive; evoking sympathetic feelings; easy to like.having the similar or same qualities or chúng tôi similar opinion; of the same mind; having the similar tendencies or thoughts.found enjoyable, pleasant or attractive.plausible; appropriate, suitable; believable; attractive; pleasant.flexing or bending readily; supple; pliant.courageous; brave.graceful and quick in movement; flexible; nimble; active.knowledgeable of writing or chúng tôi to write and read well; well-written.calm; mild; easily bent.pliant; nimble; lissome; supple; flexible.suitable or fit to live in or chúng tôi is alive; having active properties; being energized; wide awake.full, of life, spirit and energy; refreshing; invigorating; brisk.having life; full of vitality, interest or life; realistic or true to life; in active use or function; relating to the maintenance, support or conduct of life; lifelike.

Ideas are infinite, original, and lively divine thoughts. Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel TWEET THIS

Logical reasonable; versed and skilled in the use of thinking and reasoning; based on known conditions, statements or events.Long-established having a long history and existed or continued for a long time.Long-standing having existed for a long time; persistent.Lordly of or relating to a lord; very noble; proud; lofty.Lovable having characteristics that attract affection or love.Loved held dear or being the object of love.Lovely loving; full of love; beautiful; enjoyable; delightful; very nice in general sense.Loving feeling love or kindness; affectionate.Loyal faithful to a cause, custom, ideal, duty or person; unwavering and steadfast in devotion to friend or vow.

Lucent shining; translucent; clear; bright; lustrous; lucid.Lucid easily understood; sane; intelligible; transparent; clear; shining.Lucky fortuitous; favored by luck or chance.Lucrative profitable; producing wealth or success; gainful.Luminous emitting light or full of light; illuminated; bright; easily understood or comprehended; enlightened; clear.Luscious pleasant and sweet; delicious; very appealing to the mind or senses.Lush plentiful; abundant; extremely productive or pleasing; voluptuous.Lustrous having a glow or sheen; radiant; luminous.Lusty strong; powerful; vigorous; robust; healthful; big.Luxuriant characterized by abundance, richness or growth; extremely elaborate or florid.Luxurious characterized by luxury; being extremely fine; superior and rich in quality.Lynx-eyed having particularly good and keen vision.Lyrical having an artistically expressive or beautiful quality; melodious; highly enthusiastic; rhapsodic; lyric.

I’ve been lucky. Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them. Audrey Hepburn TWEET THIS

Have a lush and lively day!

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Positive Adjectives That Start With T / 2023


Tactful exhibiting or possessing tact; discreet and considerate.Tailor-made perfectly fitted to a purpose, condition or preference; perfectly appropriate.Take-charge exhibiting or possessing strong qualities of leadership, management and initiative.Talented endowed with talents or talent; skilled; gifted.Tangible touchable; palpable; tactile; real; concrete.Tasteful pleasing to ideals or expectations of what is appropriate; savory; tasty.Tasty having or showing good taste or flavor; savory; delicious; appealing.

Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most talented hypocrite. Charles Spurgeon TWEET THIS

Teachable willing and able to learn; capable of being taught; instructive; docile.Teeming productive; prolific.Tempean relating to temple; beautiful; delightful; charming.Temperate characterized by moderate quality or degree; exercising self-restraint and moderation.Tenable based on sound evidence or reasoning; well-founded; defensible.Tenacious strong or firm; determined; persisting; adhesive; cohesive.Tender delicate; sensitive; loving; sweet; gentle; fond.Tender-hearted having great sensibility and kindness; affectionate.Terrific very fine or good; splendid; astounding; awesome.Testimonial relating to testimony; expressing appreciation or admiration.

Thankful grateful; thankworthy.Thankworthy worthy of gratitude or deserving thanks.Therapeutic having or exhibiting curative or healing powers.Thorough complete; absolute; performed with great care and completeness.Thoughtful demonstrating careful consideration or thought; contemplative.Thrilled extremely delighted or excited; feeling intense pleasurable and enjoyable excitement.Thrilling causing an intense emotion or excitement.Thriving very profitable and lively; successful; flourishing.

Tidy neat and orderly in appearance or procedure; satisfactory; considerable; generous; favorable.Tight extraordinarily good, great or special; brisk; adroit; neat.Time-honored honored or appreciated because of great age or long usage.Time-saving making it possible to do something more quickly; causing something to end or happen faster.Timeless eternal; ageless; classic; untimely.Timely occurring at a proper or suitable time; well timed.Tiptop excellent; first-rate; perfect.Tireless untiring; indefatigable; unwearying.Titanic having enormous strength or great stature; colossal; huge.Titillating sensually and pleasantly exciting; arousing.

Today relating to or concerned with the present time.Together well organized or developed; emotionally stable and effective; hip.Tolerant tending to accept, allow, permit or understand something or existence of something; enduring (especially of a plant); forbearing; indulgent.Top of the highest quality, rank, amount or degree.Top-notch of the highest quality; first-rate; excellent.Tops excellent; first-rate.Total entire; complete; absolute; utter.Totally-tubular really cool; totally excellent.Touching moving; affecting.Tough resilient and strong; resolute; sturdy great; fine.

relating to or concerned with the present chúng tôi organized or developed; emotionally stable and effective; hip.tending to accept, allow, permit or understand something or existence of something; enduring (especially of a plant); forbearing; chúng tôi the highest quality, rank, amount or chúng tôi the highest quality; first-rate; excellent.excellent; first-rate.entire; complete; absolute; utter.really cool; totally excellent.moving; affecting.resilient and strong; resolute; sturdy great; fine.

Tough times never last, but tough people do. Robert H. Schuller TWEET THIS

Trailblazing relating to trailblazer; innovative; pioneering.Tranquil peaceful; calm; undisturbed; serene; steady.Transcendent surpassing others; supreme or superior in excellence.Transcendental superior; extraordinary; supernatural or mystical.Transient causing effects outside the mind; momentary; brief.Transnormal beyond or exceeding what is normal or casual.Transparent clear; obvious; open; public; sheer; free of deceit or lies.Transpicuous easily seen through or understood.Traveled experienced and knowledgeable in travel.Tremendous extremely large in quantity, extent or degree; enormous; marvelous; wonderful; awe-inspiring.Tretis well-proportioned and long; pretty; well made.Trim in neat or good order; fit; slim.Triumphant victorious; splendid; exultant.True real; genuine; truthful; accurate; reliable.True-blue faithful; loyal; genuine.Trustful worthy or full of trust; able to relied as truthful or honest; faithful.Trusting exercising or having trust; confiding.Trustworthy deserving or worthy of trust; reliable.Trusty trustworthy; reliable; strong; firm.Truthful honest; true; reliable; veracious.

A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success! Doug Larson TWEET THIS

Tubular awesome; cool.Tuneful melodious; harmonious; musical.Turgent bombastic; pompous; inflated.

Tympanic resonant.

Have a totally thrilling day!

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Positive Adjectives That Start With D / 2023

Do you dare to put these dainty and dazzling describing d words into use? I’m sure you do. Develop and “decorate” your vocabulary with these driven and dynamic positive words.


Character, in the long run, is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and of nations alike. – Theodore Roosevelt TWEET THIS

Didactic morally instructive; perceptive.Different various; diverse; distinct; not the same; unusual.Dignified respectable; expressing or having dignity; stately; showing or having self-esteem.Diligent performing with care, intense focus and concentration; assiduous; industrious.Dinkum real; genuine.Diplomatic marked or using by sensitivity, tact and shrewdness in dealing with others; artful.Direct frank; lineal; candid; straightforward.Disarming capable of allaying suspicion or hostility; winning confidence or favor.Discerning shrewd; acute; sagacious; perceptive; sensitive; having good judgment or keen insight.Disciplined under control; possessing mental discipline; trained mentally by instructions.Discreet distinct; differing; free from pretension; modest: unobtrusively sympathetic and perceptive.Discrete distinct; separate; disjunctive; individual.Discriminating perceptive; analytical; distinguishing.Dispassionate not affected by bias or prejudice; calm.Distinct very clear; marked; variegated; different; notable; easily perceived.Distinctive having a special quality, attributes, style attractiveness etc.; notable; different from others; capable of being classified.Distinguished noted; specified; characterized by excellence or speciality.Distinguishing characteristic; peculiar; distinctive.Diverse various; different; distinct; multiform.Diverting entertaining; amusing; pleasing.Divine heavenly; perfect; godlike; sacred; beautiful.

Only divine love bestows the keys of knowledge. Arthur Rimbaud TWEET THIS

Doable feasible; possible to do; capable to be executed.Docile willing and ready to be taught; easily managed or handled; amenable.Doe-eyed having gentle, dark and large eyes (especially of a woman).Dogged showing or having the unyielding and persevering attitude to get or do something; steadfast.Dominant ruling; governing; prevailing; controlling; most influencing.Doting characterized by giving affection and love.Doubtless certain; assured; without doubt; free from fear or failure.Doughty brave; valiant; spirited; able.Down-to-earth realistic; practical.

The only durable sense of success is if you’ve followed your calling. Jim Harrison TWEET THIS

Dreamlike fantastic; resembling a dream.Dreamy serene; soothing; sexy; attractive; wonderful; fantasy-like.Driven passionate to achieve goals; strongly motivated.Driving intense; forceful; acting with vigor; impelling; energetic; active.Droll amusingly odd.

Dulcet pleasing or sweet to the ear or taste; melodious; harmonious; very pleasant in a gentle way; agreeable.Duplicate identical; double.Durable stable; lasting; enduring; not consumed or depleted by use (especially in economics).Dutiful ready to perform; controlled by a sense of duty; respectful; obliging.

Dynamic active; changing; energetic; powerful; in motion.Dynamite outstanding; superb.

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Positive Adjectives That Start With U / 2023


Uber super; very high-level.

Ultimate greatest possible; most extreme; maximum; farthest; utmost; fundamental.Ultra extremely excellent or good; extreme; far beyond the norm or casual.Ultraprecise extremely precise, specific, detailed or exact.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci TWEET THIS

Unabashed not embarrassed or disconcerted; not disguised or concealed; obvious.Unadulterated pure; pristine; free from impurities; not mixed, diluted or mingled with anything; utter.Unaffected not affected, modified or changed; genuine; real; sincere.Unafraid free from fear; fearless; secure.Unalloyed pure; complete; unmixed.Unambiguous exhibiting or having a clearly defined meaning; clear; certain.Unanimous agreeing in opinion or in complete agreement; harmonious.Unarguable true.Unassuming modest; not assuming or arrogant.Unattached not restricted by rules or relationship; free.Unbeaten not defeated, conquered or surpassed; champion.Unbelieavable incredible; beyond belief.Unbiased free from prejudice or bias.Unbigoted not bigoted or opinionated.Unblemished spotless; pure; faultless.Unbroken intact; whole; in one piece; continuous.Uncommon rare; unusual; remarkable; exceptional.Uncomplicated simple; clear; not complex.Unconditional absolute; not conditional or contingent.Uncontestable incontestable.Unconventional out of the ordinary; free in character or action.Uncorrupted pure; whole; not depraved.Uncritical indulgent; not critical; undiscriminating.Undamaged not damaged, harmed or injured; sound.Undauntable fearless; intrepid; indomitable.Undaunted showing resolution and courage; fearless; not disheartened or depressed by fear.Undefeated always victorious; never defeated.Undefiled uncorrupted; unsullied; unpolluted; free from blemish or stain.Undeniable irrefutable; unobjectionable; excellent.Understandable comprehensible; intelligible.Understanding knowing; intelligent; compassionate.Understood fully apprehended as to explanation or meaning; agreed on.Undesigning having no fraudulent or ulterior motives; straightforward; sincere.Undiminished not diminished or lessened.Undisputed accepted without question; generally agreed upon.Undivided whole; unified; not shared or divided by.Undoubted without doubt or question; undisputed.Unencumbered free from encumbrance, worries or responsibilities.Unequalled unmatched; without equal.Unequivocal unambiguous; evident; clear; sincere.Unerring consistently accurate and not committing mistakes; sure; unfailing.Unfailing not liable to failure or error; certain; sure.Unfaltering not faltering, failing or hesitating; not shakable; steadfast.Unfaultable not capable of being faulted or erroneous.Unfeigned not feigned or counterfeit; genuine; real.Unfettered unrestrained.Unflagging unceasing; without rest or slowing; untiring.Unflappable characterized by calmness and composure; not easily upset, excited or perturbed.Ungrudging without reluctance or envy; liberal; hearty.Unhampered not restricted, hindered, slowed or blocked.Unharmed unharmed; undamaged.Unhesitating prompt; ready; steadfast; unfaltering.Unhurt uninjured; unharmed; not hurt.Unified acting or operating as unit; united into a whole.Unimpaired not impaired or damaged in any sense.Unimpeachable impossible or difficult to impeach; blameless; free of guilt.Unimpeded not prevented or slowed.Unique unparalleled; unequaled; highly unusual; the single of its kind.United joined; combined; being in harmony; made one; allied.Universal applicable to all conditions, purposes or situations; relating or affecting to the entire world.Unlimited limitless; infinite; boundless.Unmistakable impossible to misinterpret or mistake; obvious; clear.Unmitigated not moderated or diminished; unrelieved; absolute.Unobjectionable not liable to objection; acceptable.Unobstructed free from obstruction or hindrance; clear.Unobtrusive not obtrusive, noticeable or blatant; modest; inconspicuous.Unopposed without opposition or opponent.Unparalleled without equal; unmatched.Unprejudiced free from prejudice or undue bias; impartial.Unpretentious not pretentious; simple; humble; plain; modest.Unquestionable not questionable; undeniable; beyond doubt.Unrefuted not refuted.Unreserved not reserved, restricted or limited; unrestrained.Unrivalled having no rival; above comparison; champion.Unruffled not agitated emotionally; calm; serene; tranquil.Unselfish generous; altruistic; selfless.Unshakable not shakable; unfaltering; unwavering.Unshaken not agitated or shaken; firm; steady.Unspoiled not spoiled, ruined, decayed or corrupted; pure.Unspoilt see UNSPOILED.Unstoppable unable or difficult to be stopped.Unsullied not sullied or disgraced; pure; clean and fresh.Unsurpassed surpassing, exceeding or outdone all others in some manner.Untarnished not tarnished, soiled or stained; an untarnished reputation.Untiring tireless; inexhaustible; resolute.Untouched not affected or influenced; undamaged; pristine state.Untroubled not distracted or disturbed; free from worries or troubles; easy in mind.Unusual not usual, normal or ordinary; uncommon.Unwavering constant; steadfast; fixed; not unstable.

Be patient and understanding. Life is too short to be vengeful or malicious. Phillips Brooks TWEET THIS

Up raised; lifted; standing; optimistic; upbeat; cheerful; ready; functional; workingUpbeat happy; optimistic; having a fast and positive tone.Upcoming forthcoming; happening or occurring soon or in near future.Uplifted elevated emotionally with optimism.Uplifting emotionally, morally or spiritually elevating; inspiring hope or happiness.Uppermost highest in position or place; first in order; supreme.Upright having a good ethical values; righteous; just.Upstanding reputable; respectable; honest; morally upright.Up-to-date incorporating the latest developments, information and trends; current; recent.Upward directed toward a higher position or place.

Urbane polite; courteous; refined; elegant.

Usable fit or capable of being used.Useful being of use or service; having a useful function or purpose; beneficial.User-friendly easy to use (especially for untrained users).Utmost the most extreme; greatest; farthest.Uttermost of the greatest possible intensity, extent or degree; outermost; utmost n. the greatest possible degree or amount.

The greatest virtues are those which are most useful to other persons. Aristotle TWEET THIS

Have an unsullied and upbeat day!

ps. See also positive verbs starting with u and positive nouns starting with u.

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