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Xu Hướng 6/2023 # League Of Legends: Best Champions To Play On Patch 10.4 # Top 10 View

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League of Legends’ latest update, patch 10.4, has finally arrived. In it came many changes that are bound to shake up the meta quite a bit. Though the meta is changing, the desire to win surely is not. Whether you’re trying to gain LP or take home the trophy in this weekend’s Clash tournament, these champions will make your goals all the easier.


But, the recent changes to Bami’s Cinder and the items it builds into will be making Ornn players super excited. Before, the Immolate passive on the item passively burned enemies around the player. Now, Riot Games has added a second part on top of this passive burn. It deals an extra fiery explosion of damage every 10 seconds when the wearer immobilizes an enemy. What’s more, is that the extra explosion damage scales off of bonus health.

Sunfire Cape is already a core item on Ornn, and with his high CC and damage kit, this buff might put him over the edge. Forgefire Cape gives crazy high stats, and with one item alone, Ornn will be an absolute terror to deal with since it will boost the Immolate damage further. According to chúng tôi Ornn had just below a 13% pick rate last patch. Likewise, Games of Legends reports that he’s had a 63.1% presence in professional play. Ornn was in a good spot before, but he’s going to benefit so much from the Immolate changes that he’s destined for a top tier meta spot.

If you’re looking for a strong champion to play in the top lane, look no further than Ornn. But even mid laners and supports can pick him up too. His utility and damage give him viability in all lanes that should not be underestimated.


As such, the first buffs that Garen got this patch were focused on restoring his tank builds. His Courage (W) now increases his armor and magic resistance by 10% when he reaches max resistances from enemy kills. Plus, the shield is getting a hefty buff too. It only shielded for 10% of maximum health before, but now has a base shielding amount that adds 20% of bonus health for shielding. This makes it generally have more usefulness at all points in the game.

The second buff Garen received was a bit of a strange one. It was focused on Garen’s jungle clear of all things. His Judgement (E) damage was increased to deal 150% damage to monster camps. It should be noted Garen also got a slight damage increase on his Decisive Strike (Q), but this isn’t quite as impactful.

With all these buffs in mind, Garen will likely be a good pick now. He can flex between top and jungle easily and is a good duelist in both roles. Things like the Predator rune will help him get ganks off as a jungler, while top lane matchups should be easier with the Q and W buffs. If anything, he’s definitely worth a shot.


They’ve long been residents of the mid lane but now have the ability to branch out. Both of these assassins received buffs focused on clearing jungle camps. Talon’s Blade’s End (Passive) damage now wounds all monsters for 120% damage. On the other hand, Zed’s Contempt for the Weak (Passive) damage is increased to 100% against monsters and has a higher maximum damage potential. The buffs for these champions will do wonders for their jungle clear.

But does that mean they have to queue for jungle and bring smite? No, actually. Talon and Zed are both capable of snowballing quite hard. Solo killing their opponents and roaming are all just par for the course for these assassins. While roaming is typically the next step in the plan for these types of players, these buffs introduce more options.

With a lead, or even from behind, Zed and Talon can utilize their newfound jungle clear to invade and steal away camps from the enemy. This allows them to maintain a higher tempo in the game and snowball more efficiently.

In the end, both champions are now flex picks. They’ll be terrifying to play against as junglers, as their high damage ganks can be deadly, but their mid lane impact increases too. They can amass a ton of farm and gold if they play it correctly. They still have weaknesses against certain matchups, but the changes give them more options to play around.

Miss Fortune

She doesn’t have the utility or flashiness the two newest marksmen have, but she does have a lot of one thing: damage. Miss Fortune delivers tremendous damage in all parts of the game. Her laning is fantastic with Double Up (Q) bounces and decent Love Tap (Passive) damage. The option to build multiple Doran’s Blades or lethality items allows her to index more on this point in the game as well.

But she doesn’t have to focus too much on this part of the game either. Her Bullet Time (R) gives Miss Fortune absolutely massive team fight potential. It can tear through and enemy team easily with some setup. Furthermore, her more popular critical strike build enables her to do late game damage outside of her ultimate.

Miss Fortune is going to be a top AD Carry this patch. She has power at all points in the game and can turn games with the press of a single R key. In 10.3, she already had a 52.65% win rate with 32.32% pick rate according to chúng tôi If you’re a bottom lane resident, Miss Fortune is a necessary champion to learn right now.


Currently, the meta is focused on engage and tanky supports. Others, like Thresh, Nautilus and Braum are staples here, but Leona deserves much more respect. Her Solar Flare (R) gives her the option to pick off lone targets or clumped up enemies from afar. It’s a reliable engage tool that doesn’t necessitate her risking her life by diving forward.

In terms of laning, she’s also one of the best. Her lockdown ability is terrifying, which gives her great gank setup and 2v3 turnaround potential. Paired with something like Miss Fortune, she can dominate the majority of lanes and enable her ADC to output huge damage.

As of patch 10.3, Leona had a 51.73% win rate and 18.03% pick rate. This is an impressive win rate to have, especially when so many people are playing her. It is a dominant one, but doesn’t cross over the line to OP status. She’s simply a great pick, which is something to value when consistency is valued.

All in all, Leona is a fantastic support pick to play on patch 10.4. She does everything you’d want a support to do and is a well-rounded champion. Things can get dicey without an escape, but she can navigate around this and most matchups completely fine. If you’re searching for a good support, look no further than Leona.

Honorable Mentions

These are just a few of many strong picks on the patch. Others that are likely to be relevant picks are as follows:

Top: Sett, Mordekaiser, Gnar, Jayce

Jungle: Olaf, Ekko, Karthus, Darius

Mid: Jayce, Vladimir, Kassadin, Diana

ADC: Aphelios, Ezreal, Caitlyn

Support: Thresh, Nautilus, Blitzcrank, Bard

The main focus of this patch was on moving some top laners to the jungle. It’ll be difficult to say how all of the changes will land, but if you play the role or these champions be sure to experiment a bit. If anything, 10.4 is going to be a very interesting patch to watch unfold.

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The Best League Of Legends Champions For Beginners

League of Legends’ champions are a confusing bunch, especially if you’re a new player. The Summoner’s Rift map can be a daunting place for those starting out on their MOBA journeys, especially when you find yourself dying over and over. With over 130 champions in the game, the freedom of choice can feel overwhelming. It’s going to take time to get to grips with how every champion plays, how they work together, and how to play against them. It’s not quite as welcoming as Riot’s autobattler spin off, where there are less champions divided into Teamfight Tactics Classes and Origins. Luckily, the best way to learn all of this is to play the game and have fun!

To help you, we’ve put together a list of characters that are considered both strong and newbie friendly, from across all of LoL’s main disciplines: fighters, tanks, mages, supports, marksmen, and assassins. Each champion has a specific area of the map they are best suited to – the top, middle, or bottom lane, or the jungle – and so we’ve split them into these relevant categories.

The best League of Legends champions are:

What are League of Legends champions?

A champion or hero in any MOBA is the character on the map that the player controls. Each one is unique, and possesses at least – but is not limited to – four abilities which are triggered by the Q, W, E, and R keys. All champions possess one ability that is stronger than the others, known as an ‘ultimate’, which has a long cooldown and can only be used occasionally.

In League of Legends there are over 100 different champions to choose from. Much like an MMO or class-based shooter, these can be divided into categories which pertain to the unit’s purpose within the team. Some are marksmen, some are mages, others are damage-absorbing tanks, and some champions don’t comfortably fit into any of these descriptions.

In a standard League of Legends match there are five champions per team. Each champion’s abilities are steadily unlocked and then upgraded by earning experience and buying items using gold. Key to both of these enhancements is the killing of minions – AI-controlled monsters that attack enemy fortifications and champions. Kill scores of minions in addition to racking up kills against the enemy team and your champ will become extremely powerful in no time at all.

What are roles in League of Legends?

On League of Legends’ main map, Summoner’s Rift, there are five main roles, all of which play very differently. These are based on your physical location in the map, whether that’s in the top lane (‘top’), middle lane (referred to simply as ‘mid’), bottom lane (‘bot’) or jungle.

But that’s only four roles, surely? Well spotted. For various reasons, the bot lane is home to two players, rather than just one. One of these is called the AD Carry (short for Attack Damage Carry), and the idea behind this guy is that they’ll eventually carry the team to victory using their overwhelming attack damage. In order to do this, however, they first need to be protected through the early game in order to level up and buy the items needed to hit their power spikes.

Which is why the AD Carry is always joined in the bot lane by the support. This is the only character on the Rift whose job isn’t to murder people, but to set up kills for the AD Carry and keep them protected and well fed so they can get strong as soon as possible. This allows the AD Carry to last hit minions and farm gold, knowing that the support has their back should anything untoward happen.

The Summoner Spells most commonly used with these roles reflects this.

Flash is a spell that almost everyone uses. It’s an instant blink teleport that can quickly get you out of trouble, or get your enemy into trouble by closing the gap between you. It has a long cooldown so use it wisely.

The AD Carry will almost always take Heal, too. Their biggest job in the early game is to stay alive and not let the enemy AD Carry kill them, because that will feed them gold and hasten their ascent to power. Heal gives you a burst of healing (obviously), but also dramatically increases your movement speed for a short period, allowing you to hopefully manoeuvre away from danger.

Meanwhile, the support will take Exhaust, which does basically the opposite. It lowers an enemy’s movement speed to a crawl and drops their defensive stats, attack speed and damage output significantly. Use this to slow an escaping enemy or to turn a losing battle into a victory.

While the AD Carry and support buddy up in bot lane, on the other side of the Rift the top lane can feel like a lonely place, far from the action. It’s here that the top laner bruisers live. Tanky melee fighters who can give a beating as well as take one.

Because of its secluded location, top laners tend to take Teleport as their secondary Summoner Spell alongside Flash. This allows them to jump into team fights anywhere on the map at a moment’s notice, lending some front-line damage output and acting as a meat shield. Or just to go in search of a friend should they feel too isolated.

In the mid lane you’ll meet the mid laner mages. Spell slingers with high damage output that comes from accumulating large Ability Power stats, which increases the potency of their skills.

The most common Summoner Spell for mid laners, alongside Flash, is Ignite. This deals burn damage over time, which is handy if you get into a scrap with your lane opponent and they manage to sneak away with not much health. There are few things more satisfying than watching an ignited player scurry under their tower to safety, only to die to the inevitable ticking of Ignite’s damage.

For mid laners who are less interested in playing aggressively, Teleport is a decent alternative to Ignite. Some mages do scary amounts of damage and can jump in and out of combat nimbly, so suddenly having them Teleport into your lane can be unnerving at best and terminal at worst.

Finally, the jungler lives in the spaces between lanes, where neutral monsters roam. Their job is to hide away in the shadows, farming money from the Rift’s more aggressive fauna and jumping out to surprise enemies in each of the three lanes. This is called ganking. There are also some neutral objectives that the jungler is expected to keep under their control.

Each side of the jungle has a blue buff and a red buff – these are large monsters that grant you temporary boosts when you kill them. Blue buff grants cooldown reduction for your abilities, increased MP regeneration, and additional Ability Power. While the red buff slows enemies hit by your basic attacks, as well as deals additional damage over time to them. It also heals you if you stay out of combat. They’re pretty powerful buffs so make sure you use them.

As a jungler you’ll need to take Smite as a Summoner’s Spell, otherwise you’re going to have a really hard time. That and Flash should sort you out.

As with all of this, there are exceptions to everyrule, but consider this a solid groundwork on which to build more specialist knowledge as you play.

What role should I play?

Top tip: Sometimes you’ll find that you have difficulties when faced against a specific champion time and time again. You don’t understand how they work and they’re consistently getting the best of you. When that happens, try playing as that League of Legends champion. Doing so will give you insight into their abilities and play style, so you’ll know what to expect when you face them next time.

The most important thing is to have fun. If you’re not, then you should try changing something up. Sometimes playing a different champion can feel like you’re playing a totally new game.

Best League of Legends top champions Garen – The Might of Demacia

Garen is naturally tanky, his W giving him bonus defensive stats. His passive, Perseverance, allows him to regenerate health much faster than other champions, which means you can stay in the lane longer. But he can also put out a lot of damage, especially if you’re able to chain your offensive abilities together.

Garen’s innate tankiness makes him a good champion to help you learn to navigate the often-isolated top lane. He struggles against ranged champions, but if you manage his skills well he can hold his own against most melee champions. There aren’t many characters in League of Legends who can withstand the repeated use of Decisive Strike and Judgement, and it doesn’t take long to whittle your opponents down to a point where you can finish them off with your ultimate.

If things aren’t going your way then make use of your defensive capabilities. Garen has the ability to gain defensive stats passively, and the fact that he automatically builds armour and magic resistance helps him out against anyone he might come up against. If you find yourself losing fights, you also have lots of potential escape routes. Using your E discourages people from getting too close, and using your Q lets you put some distance between you and your enemies. Your W boosts your defenses for six seconds, also helping you escape. Once you’re safe, Garen’s health regeneration is one of the highest in the game, so stay out of trouble for a while and you’ll quickly be back to full health.

When it comes to items, there are two that are perfect for Garen. Sunfire cape deals magic damage to enemies around you every second, and The Black Cleaver lowers your opponent’s armour by up to 24%. These both synergise perfectly with Garen’s E, and are crucial items for almost any build.

Nasus – The Curator of the Sands

Nasus can be played in a variety of ways. Like Garen, he’s naturally quite tanky, but can be built Ability Power (AP) or Attack Damage (AD) as well. His passive, Soul Eater, gives him lifesteal for free, also allowing him to stay in lane longer.

There are two popular ways to play Nasus. One of those is by focusing on his magic damage, using his E, Spirit Fire, to chip away at your enemies’ health before moving in for the kill. The second is by farming up his Q, a late-game tactic that sees you become more powerful over time.

Focusing on farming means that you learn a number of useful skills by playing Nasus. The first is last-hitting, which is the best way to earn gold and become able to buy items. You have to last hit in order to power up your Q, but as the ability gets more powerful, last-hitting becomes easier. However, you also have to make sure to keep an eye on your mana as using lots of spells, unsurprisingly, uses lots of mana. That means that you can’t just spam your abilities repeatedly, so you have to carefully manage your need to power-up with your ability to fight at all.

This makes items like Iceborn Gauntlet and Trinity Force very important for Nasus. Both provide Nasus with cooldown reduction (CDR), which lets him cast his spells more often, but also mana, letting him cast more of them, too. They also provide other bonus, such as empowering auto-attacks or granting extra armour.

Best League of Legends jungler champions Shyvana – The Half-Dragon

Shyvana has some of the quickest jungle clear in the game, and her passive, Fury of the Dragonborn, allows her to do more damage to dragons while also getting bonus stats for each one she kills. Her ganks are best after she reaches level six, but she remains a threat even before then thanks to the speed boost on her W. She can also be built depending on what your team needs – tanky if you want, but also capable of dealing plenty of damage.

Shyvana is easy to play situationally. If your team is behind, or doesn’t have many tanks, it’s worth building a Stalker’s Blade with the Cinderhulk enchantment. This gives Shyvana the damage to kill jungle monsters, and a little bonus CC, but also the health and damage over time to survive a little longer. If you’re doing well, however, it might be worth building the Warrior or Bloodrazor enchantments, giving you more damage or attack speed.

Volibear – The Thunder’s Roar

Volibear’s not as fast as Shyvana, but he is good at surviving the jungle. His passive, Chosen of the Storm, lets him gain health every so often if he falls below a certain threshold, and can also be used in teamfights. His ganks are reasonably strong, and he can be built either offensively or defensively, depending on what your team requires.

It’s important to remember that, while Frenzy has a passive element, its active can only be used once Volibear has completed three basic attacks. That doesn’t take very long, but don’t expect to be able to use it straight away. It’s also on a long cooldown, so make sure you use its execute mechanic at the wrong time.

Due to his W and his ultimate, attack speed is an important part of Volibear’s kit. The faster you can attack, the quicker you can activate your W, and the more damage you’ll deal with your ultimate. This makes Wit’s End, which increases your attack speed while lowering your enemy’s magic resistance, an important buy. Also useful is Spirit Visage, which increases the effectiveness of Volibear’s passive.

Best League of Legends mid champions Annie – The Dark Child

Annie embodies a lot of what it is to be a mid laner. Strong crowd control and high burst-magic damage are the payoffs for minimal mobility, but good timing and target selection can swing entire games in Annie’s favour.

Annie’s crowd control makes her very good at initiating team fights. Once you’ve used four spells, you’ll have charged up a stun that activates on the next damaging spell you cast. This means that you can use Disintegrate or Incinerate to stun enemies, and then immediately drop Tibbers on them, starting the fight with a huge amount of burst damage.

Annie’s long range and high CC might make her good at starting fights, but be careful – if she gets caught out she only has her Molten Shield to protect her, and no real means to escape.

To get the most out of Annie’s damage, you want to build as much Ability Power (AP) as possible. For this, you’ll want to pick up Rabadon’s Deathcap, which gives you lots of AP by itself, but then also increases your total AP by 30%. You can also build items like Luden’s Echo, for extra burst and splash damage, or Void Staff to counteract tanky foes.

Morgana – Fallen Angel

Morgana is a utility mage. While Annie is able to output huge amounts of damage, Morgana’s appeal is that she has a few extra tools at her disposal that make her great for the mid lane. It’s part of why she’s a viable support champion, but due to her high magic damage, for this list we’re classing her in the role she was initially released in.

Good aim and quick reflexes are key to Morgana. You’ll need to hit enemies with her Dark Binding in order to get the most out of her kit, quickly following up with Tormented Soil to maximise the damage you deal. You’ll also need to make sure you react quickly when your allies are in danger, rooting enemies with your Q, or shielding allies with Black Shield to keep them safe.

Like I mentioned above, items like Zhonya’s Hourglass and Hextech Protobelt can be used effectively with Morgana’s ult. Protobelt dashes you forward a short distance, getting you within range of your enemies while also dealing a little bonus damage. Once you’ve cast your ultimate, you’ll want to activate Zhonya’s, freezing you in place for 2.5 seconds. During this time you can’t move, but you also can’t take damage, so you’re safe even if you’re right in the middle of the enemy team.

That does mean that you have to trust your team. Morgana works best when she’s with friends who can capitalise on her long stuns, and also back her up when she engages. Make sure you communicate well before committing with your ultimate because you don’t want to be surrounded by enemies when the stuns wear off.

Best League of Legends AD carry champions Caitlyn – The Sheriff of Piltover

Caitlyn is, for the most part, the champion with the longest range in the game. She can be surpassed by Tristana and Kindred, but that’s not until very late into the game, so most of the time she can deal damage even when she’s a long way away from potential threats. She has a reasonably simple kit, relying on her auto-attacks to do the most damage.

ADCs need to stay as far away from the fight as they can. Hopefully, your team-mates will protect you, but you’re arguably the most high-profile target on your team, and getting too close to the fight is a great way to die very quickly. As Caitlyn, use your W, E, and extremely long range to stay out of trouble while still outputting a lot of damage.

Caitlyn’s range is also useful for sieging. This is what happens before fights start, when teams are waiting under towers for somebody to get caught out. Caitlyn can use traps to act as impromptu defenses, but can also use her Q to deal damage to enemy champions and clear waves of minions.

AD Carry builds are arguably the least diverse in the entire game, with many items working across the board. For Caitlyn, as with many others, you want attack damage (AD) and attack speed, in order to deal the most damage per second (DPS). That means you want to build Infinity Edge, which comes with lots of AD, as well as the chance to deal a critical hit. These are powerful attacks that normally deal double damage, but Infinity Edge bumps that damage up to deal 2.5 times as much damage as normal. You’ll also want to build Runaan’s Hurricane, which spawn up to two extra damage-dealing bolts, to enhance Caitlyn’s DPS even further.

Ashe – The Frost Archer

If Morgana is a utility mid-laner, Ashe is a utility ADC. A combination of CC, vision, and AoE spells make her a rarity in the bottom lane, and her ultimate is one of the most powerful stuns in the game.

ADCs are often a similar bunch, and while there are a few – like Jhin or Lucian – who do a lot of spell-based damage, many simply want to auto-attack as much as possible. That means Ashe also needs to hang towards the back of the fight, but unlike Caitlyn, she can start them.

You can use your W to poke enemies and clear minions, but when you decide the time is right, you can fire your ultimate. This impressive ability shoots all the way across the map, but stops when it hits its first enemy target, stunning them and offering your team someone to engage on. While it’s good for starting fights, it’s also good at finishing them – don’t be afraid to fire it point blank at an enemy, allowing you to finish them off while they’re stunned.

Like Caitlyn, Ashe should also probably be building Infinity Edge and Runaan’s Hurricane, but now I want to focus on two different types of item. You’ll want Lifesteal, which heals you based on the amount of damage you do, and which you can get from The BloodThirster. ADCs are also important for dealing damage to tanks, so items that shred armour or do damage to enemies with more health than you are very important. With that in mind, Lord Dominik’s Regard is a very useful item on any ADC as, helpfully, it does both of those things.

Best League of Legends support champions Leona – The Radiant Dawn

Leona is arguably bested only by Nautlius in the amount of CC built into her kit, which makes her excellent at starting fights, but also at looking after her ADC. Her shield also means she’s able to wade into a battle with minimal personal risk.

Leona comes from the tanky, CC heavy brand of support. That means she can get involved in a fight, but you’ll need to be careful not to go too far, too fast. Engaging without a team to back you up is a sure-fire way to get yourself killed very quickly.

You also need to remember that part of your job as a support is to look after your ADC, so it’s important to know that a big engage might benefit your team initially, but also puts you a long way from your carry. Always look to assess the threat to your team before jumping on the first badly positioned enemy.

A big part of any support’s job is helping supply vision to your team and denying it to the enemy. All champions should be buying and placing control and trinket wards, but anyone playing support should also at the very least have a Sightstone and a Hextech Sweeper. Leona’s kit demands that you make her tanky, so a Locket of the Iron Solari is good for buffing her stats while also granting her and nearby allies a shield when activated. You’ll also want a Face of the Mountain, an item that builds out of starting item Relic Shield, providing health, sustain, and money to you and your carry.

Janna – The Storm’s Fury

Janna has a little bit of everything built into her kit. Heals, shields, knockups, knockbacks, slows, buffs, and even speed boosts. In fact, the only thing she doesn’t have is a stun, but her sheer versatility makes her an excellent support, although she does have to take care not to get caught out.

Janna occupies the other school of supports. She’s much squishier than Leona, but the diversity offered in her kit lets her protect allies better than almost any other support. ‘Peeling’ for a carry means making an effort to look after them when enemies close in, and the wide-ranging amount of tools at Janna’s disposal make her excellent at this.

Janna can protect, but she can also help allies chase down enemies. She’s extremely fast, and passes that speed boost onto her team when they’re moving towards her. Her Q and W offer ways to stop an enemy in their tracks, and you can then buff an ally by granting them a shield to help whittle down enemies faster.

Sightstone and Locket are good items on Janna, but you might also want to look into Frost Queen’s Claim, which grants Janna an extra slow. Aether Wisp is another option as it gives extra damage to allies when Janna heals or shields them, adding a further buff to her E.

Top 8 Strong And Easy Champions To Play In Urf 2023 League Of Legends

URF 2023 mode has officially been back on the LoL server, this is also the mode most players are waiting for and is also one of the preferred modes in League of Legends.

And many gamers also want to know what the strong generals in URF 2023 will be. In the list below are 5 strong generals in URF 2023 for gamers to choose.

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Information on the League of Legends Senna skill set

The strongest champions URF 2023 League of Legends Lux

The lady of light will be an extremely inhibiting champion for enemies with the Supreme Rainbow skill (R). Quick cooldown should be able to spam, not consuming energy so she can deal long-range damage freely without fear of opponents can counterattack.

In addition, the combo of Light Lock (Q) and Light Ball (E) is also quite good control and deals fairly effective damage to enemies.


Malphite is also a very annoying general with Unbreakable skill, he will throw everything on the road if given the opportunity. The reason many gamers choose Malphite is because he has the ability to create high mutations in urf. Just a tanker that has high damage, Malphite is one of the strongest generals URF 2023 LMHT.


In URF 2023, Garen can perform his death dance continuously. If you can’t choose a guy, ban Garen immediately in battle.

With his half-second Verdict (E) ability, Garen can make the enemy team miserable if they have terrible items in hand. In addition, if Sona or Yuumi is accompanied, it is difficult for anyone to counter this pair in URF.


Fizz’s Dancing Boom ability can both deal damage and dodge effectively, with cooldown reduced to just 2 seconds at the end. If combined with Damage (Q), Fizz will become very mobile but also has the ability to outplay very scary.

Fizz’s Final Summoner Monster (R) damage with high damage will swallow its prey in the blink of an eye. That’s enough to say Fizz will be one of the most annoying members of URF mode.


Karthus’s Soul Sentence can make any champion with low health unable to escape. He just needs to stand in the bush and keep praying that the enemy team is always eating enough, has done great damage but does not need orientation, right Karthus will be a reasonable choice in the URF.


The support position in URF should be for Sona when she just does damage, heals, increases damage, increases movement speed, creates a shield so she can cover teammates very effectively.

The ultimate skill Cao Cao Trao can cause pretty good control on the enemy, in addition, skills with low cooldown can help her poke the enemy blood continuously. Rest assured that the late Sona will get stronger, so the enemy will not easily make her difficult.


Jax has a large amount of damage in URF and is rated extremely uncomfortable in this mode. He will always jump at the target and deal damage with Jump and Smash (Q). In addition, he also inhibits when using the Counterattack (E) to dodge the blow and counterattack with damage and stunning the opponent.

In addition, the ability Master (R) will help Jax increase magic resist and armor. With him, you will no longer worry in the duel or even accept 2, 3 or even the enemy team.


The current Red Dead in Worlds 2023 is already strong, into the URF he is even stronger when the cooldown is reduced sharply. Plus the ability to suck blood from Q, the ability to escape gank situations with W will make Vladimir quite extremely uncomfortable.

Vladimir can carry the team extremely well in URF despite teammates being constantly fed. Especially when he returns to the late game, he will become almost immortal with the ability to recover and the amount of burst damage.

These are pretty strong champions in URF that you cannot ignore, you can choose the names above and let opponents “land on the field” in Summoner’s Rift. These are pretty easy to play and can maximize their power easily.

Top 10 Easiest League Of Legends (Lol) Champions For Beginners

Are you new to League of Legends or just haven’t figured out which champion suits you? Is every champion you play too hard or too complex? Well, we’ve composed a list of the best champions perfect for beginners along with a runepage for each champion to help you get started!

1. Master Yi

Master Yi’s bread and butter is his Q, which allows him to teleport to his target dealing massive damage to the target and several nearby enemies, during the duration, Master Yi becomes untargatable. This ability is a great gap-closer as well as a great way to dodge incoming abilities.

While his early game might be a bit weak, his mid to late game more than make up for it. He can easily destroy teams alone and potentially 1v5 if under the right circumstances.

It is easy to start playing Master Yi and he is a very forgiving champion to play. He is possibly the easiest champion to carry with once fed, and doesn’t require any complex mechanics to play.

2. Annie

Next up is Annie. She is usually played in the Middle lane, but she can also be played as a support in the bottom lane.

Unlike Master Yi, Annie relies more on her abilities than Basic Attacks. She has good range on her abilities which allows her to poke enemies from a safe distance.

Annie is a very easy champion to farm with. Her Q has reduced cool-down and costs no mana when it kills a minion, allowing her to easily farm with her Q. This is great if you’re bad at farming or you keep missing farm, which makes Annie a very good choice for beginners.

Annie also has incredible burst damage and CC(Stun), allowing her to change a fight’s outcome easily if she lands her ultimate paired with a stun.

Generally, all you need to do with Annie is farm early game using your Q and after you get your ultimate you can either roam to help the other lanes or play aggressively against your lane opponent.

3. Garen

Garen is a Top Lane fighter champion that doesn’t use skills shots or mana! Garen is Okay early-game, mid-game, and late-game. He isn’t weak at any point in the game and isn’t too strong in any certain point either, he’s just OKAY at everything. He’s Okay at doing damage and Okay at being a tank.

Garen’s abilities are very simple, straight forward, and easy to use. He is great at lone 1v1 fights and has passive health regen which is great for staying in lane longer.

Since Garen doesn’t use any mana, you can easily spam his abilities on enemy champions and minions so you don’t have to miss any farm.

Garen is all-in-all a very easy to play champion with a decent kit that is okay at everything.

4. Malphite

Malphite is a great team-champion that can set up strong combos for his team to follow-up on.

Malphite’s strongest ability is his ultimate. Malphite’s ultimate is one of the strongest in the game. Malphite rushes in and knocks up all enemy units in his target location while also dealing massive damage to them, this allows his teammates to finish off all the enemies caught in Malphite’s ultimate with ease.

Because of his simple kit, easy-to-use but incredibly strong ultimate, Malphite has a great beginner kit because as long as you land that ultimate, you’re helping your team win.

5. Amumu

Amumu is an AP jungler that specializes in Crowd Controls (stuns). He can easily clear jungle camps with his E and W. His ganks are deadly since his Q can be cast from a long range and can deliver an effective stun, while his ultimate stuns everyone in a large circle around him.

Amumu’s Ult paired with his Q is almost as devestating as Malphite’s ult, with a long stun that can affect the entire enemy team and deal quite a bit of damage while your team pick them off one by one.

Amumu does use a lot of mana so if you don’t have blue buff it might be hard to stay in the jungle or gank lanes. Amumu can also be played support bue he does so much better in the jungle.

6. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a simple yet effectively strong ADC (Attack Damage Carry) champion. She has passive movement speed which allows her to easily run away or catch up to enemies.

She can freely poke and harass with her Q which can bounce off champions and minions, so she can do damage from a safe distance. Her Q and E are great for harassing enemies from a distance or for picking off farm.

Miss Fortune’s ultimate does massive damage in teamfights. It is great paired up with a Malphite or Amumu ultimate. Miss Fortune’s ultimate alone, if positioned correctly, can destroy entire teams.

7. Soraka

Soraka is a simple and easy support champion that can heal her entire team as well as do lots of CC (Crowd Control [stun/silence/slow]) to the enemy team.

Soraka’s E silences everyone in a target area, and after a while it stuns them. This ability is great in teamfights because it immoblizes entire teams!

Her ultimate heals everyone on her team, which makes her a real saviour that is easy to play but still very effective.

8. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is another support on this list. He can pick-off enemies one by one using his hook (Q) and pair it up with additional CC using his E and ultimate.

Targets caught by Blitzcrank’s hook usually die, lose half their HP, or use most of their abilities in order to escape.

Blitzcrank’s kit is very simple. His Q hooks target, W gives him movement speed, E allows his next autoattack to do double damage and knock-up target (E is usually paired with his Q), and his ultimate does damage to everyone around him and silences them.

Blitzcrank’s simple kit and CC makes him a good pick for beginners wanting to play as a support.

9. Ahri

Ahri is a Mid laner with good sustain, range, CC, and mobility. She can easily go in and out of fights with her ultimate, heal and poke with her Q, and CC targets with her E.

Ahri’s ability are simple and straight-forward while still being effective in every way. Each ability has a specific use, whether it is healing, CC, running away, engaging, etc… Ahri has it all, which makes her a great overall beginner pick.

10. Morgana

Morgana is an AP mage that can be played as a Mid laner or as a Support. She has one of the longest roots in the game (her Q), as well as one of the strongest shields.

Her E gives a shield that prevents ALL forms of CC. her W is great for wave clear, and her ultimate can slow and stun all enemies around you, which is great in teamfights.

Honorable mention: Teemo

Teemo, he is a very easy and simple champion that does a lot of damage and is easy to play. He is very fun to play, but might not be the strongest champion in teamfights. (Players might hate you if you pick Teemo)

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