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  • Sorting and filtering data offers a way to cut through the noise and find (and sort) just the data you want to see. Microsoft Excel has no shortage of options to filter down huge datasets into just what’s needed.


    The first and most obvious way to sort data is from smallest to largest or largest to smallest, assuming you have numerical data.

    We can apply the same sorting to any of the other columns, sorting by the date of hire, for example, by selecting the “Sort Oldest to Newest” option in the same menu.

    How to Filter Data in Excel

    Because our list is short, we can do this a couple of ways. The first way, which works great in our example, is just to uncheck each person who makes more than $100,000 and then pss “OK.” This will remove three entries from our list and enables us to see (and sort) just those that remain.


    We can also combine filters. Here we’ll find all salaries greater than $60,000, but less than $120,000. First, we’ll select “is greater than” in the first dropdown box.

    In the dropdown below the pvious one, choose “is less than.”

    Next to “is greater than” we’ll put in $60,000.

    Next to “is less than” add $120,000.


    How to Filter Data from Multiple Columns at Once

    In this example, we’re going to filter by date hired, and salary. We’ll look specifically for people hired after 2013, and with a salary of less than $70,000 per year.

    Add “70,000” next to “is less than” and then pss “OK.”

    Type “2013” into the field to the right of “is after” and then pss “OK.” This will leave you only with employees who both make less than $70,000 per year who and were hired in 2014 or later.


    Excel has a number of powerful filtering options, and each is as customizable as you’d need it to be. With a little imagination, you can filter huge datasets down to only the pieces of information that matter.

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