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  • Have you ever needed to take a list and randomly sort it? How would you do it?

    It’s not as intuitive as you think. We’re so used to sorting lists in

    alphabetical order or from smallest to largest, but this idea of randomly

    sorting a list is not very common in Excel. Let’s jump right into it and show

    you how to randomly sort a list in Excel.

    Sample Data

    Say we have some data that we’d like to sort:

    Normally, we could sort by Movie title, the date that it opened (as it’s shown

    in the picture), or by the total amount it grossed. But what if we wanted to

    “shuffle” this list? How could we go about doing that?

    By the way, this is the same data that we used in the

    Sum the Top 5 Values


    You can also copy and paste this table to follow along:


    Date Opened

    Total Gross







    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice



    The Jungle Book (2016)



    Captain America: Civil War



    Finding Dory



    The Secret Life of Pets



    Suicide Squad



    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story






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    Randomly Sort a List in Excel

    To sort a list randomly in Excel, first you need to add a new column to your

    data. When using Excel Tables, you can

    simply type in a new column name at the next available table header and it will

    be automatically joined to your table.

    Here, we type in “Sort Order” and pss Enter.

    Next, we need a way to randomly sort the list. We can use the RAND() function

    in Excel to help us with that. The RAND() function will return a number at

    random between 0 and 1.

    After we add the formula, we can sort by that column. This will randomize the

    list for us.

    Also, each time the RAND() function is calculated, you get a different number.

    This is why you see the table has all different numbers.

    Keep Shuffling

    Another cool tip is that if you’re not happy with the initial shuffling of the

    list, you can simply keep sorting between Ascending and Descending to keep

    shuffling the list. This works because when you sort the list, it recalculates

    the RAND() function, giving a new number each time.

    Keeping the List Order

    But what if you don’t want the RAND() function to keep recalculating? What if

    you want to keep the sort order?

    If you want to keep the sort order, you can simply save the values from RAND()

    before sorting again.

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