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Xu Hướng 3/2023 # Common Debating Phrases – Esl Debates # Top 6 View

Bạn đang xem bài viết Common Debating Phrases – Esl Debates được cập nhật mới nhất trên website Hoisinhvienqnam.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

Using the right language at the appropriate time is essential for any debate worth its salt. Use these phrases to help shore up your debating tone and style.

Download Worksheets- PDF formatted

Debate phrases and debating structure PDF

Informal-phrases-and-structure PDF

Formal phrases and structure PDF

Formal Section Phrases

Opening the debate:

[some nice opening, e.g. quote]

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this debate.

Welcome from this side of the house…

The motion for debate today is: …

Defining the motion:

Now we as today’s proposition/opposition strongly believe that this is true/not true, but before we come to our actual argumentation, let us first define some important terms in this debate.

We believe that what is meant by … is… / that … are …

When we say … should … we mean that …

Presenting the teamline:

We as today’s proposition/opposition have structured our case as follows:

I, as the first speaker, will be talking about …

Our second speaker, …, will elaborate on the fact that …

And our third speaker, …, will do the rebuttal.

Rebutting arguments, rebuilding your case:

But before I come to my own arguments, let us first have a look at what … has said.

I will continue our case in a minute, but before that there are some things about the … speech that need to be addressed.

The first prop/opposition speaker has told us …; on the contrary …

He/She also said that …; but in fact..

He/She was claiming that …; but as my first speaker already told you, …

Introducing arguments:

Let me come to my first/second/…/next argument: [concise label of argument]

My first/… argument is:

The first/… reason why we’re prop/opposing this motion is: explaining arguments:

[rather abstract explanation on how the argument should work]

Giving examples:

There are many examples for this/for …, for instance.

In fact, you can find many examples for this in real life. Just think of…

And there are similar cases, such as …, …

So in this simple example we can clearly see the effect of …

Summarizing & linking the argument:

So as we have seen [argument label], and therefore [motion].

Now because of this …, we have to support this motion.

Summarizing & ending your speech:

So Ladies and Gentlemen, what have I told you today? Firstly …, Secondly..

[some nice closing words]

And for all of these reasons, the motion must stand/fall.

making/rejecting/accepting/answering points of information:

Point of information, Sir/Madam.

On that point.

Wouldn’t you have to agree …? / Doesn’t what you’re saying contradict with …? / What about the …? / How would you explain, that … ?

No, thank you, Sir/Madam.


Yes, please. / Go ahead.

Thank you very much, Sir/Madam, I’m going to come to this very point in my second argument in a minute.

Giving reply speeches:

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome for the last time from today’s prop/opposition. It is now my pleasure to summarize this debate, take a look at what both sides have said and see what the outcome of this debate actually is.

A first/second/… major clash was: … Today’s prop/opposition told us …; we had to find …

[some particularly nice closing words]

And for all these reasons, I beg you to prop/oppose

Informal Debate Phrases

When you are listening to the other side.

I see your point, but I think…

Yes, I understand, but my opinion is that…

That’s all very interesting, but the problem is that…

I’m afraid I can’t quite agree with your point.-

I think I’ve got your point, now let me respond to it.-

We can see what you’re saying. Here’s my reply…

When you need to say something now.

I’m sorry to interrupt, but you’ve misunderstood our point.-

Excuse me, but that’s not quite correct.-

Sorry, I just have to disagree with your point.-

Let me just respond to that, please.-

Forgive me for interrupting, but I must respond to that.-

Hold on a moment, that’s not correct.-

If you don’t mind, I’d like to take issue with what you just said.

When you haven’t replied yet.

The other side will have to explain why…. otherwise we win that point.-

We said that…but the other side has not replied to our point.-

I’d like to focus on two points that the other side has failed to address.-

There are two points that we have succeeded in establishing…

I want to call your attention to an important point that our opponents have not addressed yet.-

I’d like to point out that there are two issues our opponents have failed to dispute, namely…

I must stress again that our point has not been refuted by the other side.

When you give your rebuttal.

The first point I would like to raise is this…

Our position is the following…

Here’s the main point I want to raise…

I’d like to deal with two points here. The first is…

Our opponents have still not addressed the question we raised a moment ago…

The other side has failed to answer our point about…

Notice that the affirmative side has not addressed our main point.-

Let me just restate my position.-

Just to be clear, here is what I mean…

When you give concluding statements.

To sum up, here are the main points our opponents have not addressed…

We pointed out that…

Our opponents have claimed that…

To recap the main points…

Let’s sum up where we stand in this debate.

Let me summarize our position in this debate.

In summary, we want to point out that…

Let’s see which arguments are still standing.-

Let’s take stock of where we are in this debate.

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Charles Barkley Has Strong Words In Giannis Vs. Lebron Mvp Debate

For much of the season, it’s been almost a certainty that Bucks forward Giannis Antetokonmpo would repeat as the league’s MVP. Antetokounmpo won the award last year with great numbers (27.7 points, 12.3 rebounds, 5.9 assists) and he is back this season with numbers that are even more impressive (29.6 points, 13.8 rebounds, 5.8 assists).

And at 53-9, his team is clearly the best in the NBA, on pace to break a record, at 12.4 points per game, for its average margin of victory.

As Hall of Famer and TNT studio analyst Charles Barkley said on ESPN radio this week, “Giannis is the runaway MVP.” He said more, of course, and we’ll get to that momentarily.

In recent weeks, a new notion has bubbled up around the NBA-that maybe it should be Lakers forward LeBron James who should get the league MVP. James and Antetokounmpo (a possible Lakers free-agent target in 2021) will square off tonight in Los Angeles, a rematch of a win by the Bucks in December.

A headline on Sports Illustrated‘s website recently read: LeBron James Has MVP Case

On Bleacher Report: LeBron James’ MVP Case Can’t Be Dismissed


James Addressed MVP Chatter

James himself was asked about it earlier in the week, when the Lakers beat the Pelicans.

“At the end of the day, it means you had team success,” he said. “It means that your teammates put in all of the sacrifices just as much as you did. They went out and they tried to play as hard as they could to try and win because you can’t be a league MVP without team success and your teammates doing all the dirty work.”

Lakers coach Frank Vogel also made his case for James to be the season’s MVP.

Lakers coach Frank Vogel on how LeBron James should win regular season MVP. Vogel understandably did not want to analyze Giannis’ body of work, but lots of praise here for the case for LeBron pic.twitter.com/79k3DmMq4s

– Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) March 5, 2020

James has averaged 25.0 points, 10.7 assists and 7.8 rebounds this season, while shooting 49.7 percent for the Lakers, who are the No. 1 seed in the West. They are four games behind Milwaukee in the race for the top overall record.

Barkley Decries ‘Idiots and Jackasses’

Barkley, though, said that the idea of James as the MVP over Antetokounmpo is foolish, fueled in part by the media and in part by those who are sentimental toward the Lakers after the team lost franchise icon Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash in January.

“The other networks are trying to change the narrative like LeBron should be the MVP,” Barkley said. “First of all, no he should not. Giannis should be the MVP by far. … LeBron is great and amazing but he plays with Anthony Davis. And you’ve got these fools on TV-and I understand the whole Kobe thing and everybody wants, LeBron’s amazing.

“But think about this. If LeBron James played in the Eastern Conference and he played with one other guy like Khris Middleton who is a good player, and he was (53-9), nobody would be saying, ‘He only plays in the Eastern Conference.’ When LeBron had all the good players (in Cleveland and Miami), were they ever (53-9)?”

James did win four MVP awards between 2009-13, two with the Cavaliers and two with the Heat. But Barkley is not buying the argument that the West is better than the East and James’ Lakers deserve credit for having a great record in that context.

The West was better, too, when James won his four MVPs as an Eastern Conference star.

“These guys want to change the story,” Barkley said. “Like, wait a minute. LeBron, who is amazing, he played with Bosh and D-Wade, he won MVPs because they had the best record. I don’t remember people saying, ‘We shouldn’t give the MVP to LeBron because the Western Conference is better.’ No, they never said that. But you’ve got these fools, idiots and jackasses on TV. Listen, LeBron is amazing but what Giannis is doing is incredible.”

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The 100 Most Common Words In Spoken Spanish

Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a clear path you could follow? If you could just have a list of words used in everyday conversations?

That’s the purpose of this post where you’ll find the 100 words used most often in spoken Spanish.

Why these 100 words?

Lets imagine you want to learn how to be a bartender quickly in order to get a job around town. Would you start by learning hundreds of drinks from around the world? or would you find out which are the most popular drinks around your area, and learn those first?

Probably the second option, right? Like this, you’d get the job and learn more as you go.

The idea behind this list of words is similar. Find out what’s useful and used most often, so you can focus on that first to improve your Spanish faster. It’s classic 80/20.

By the way… Want to understand more Spoken Spanish?

Does it sound like fast mumbo jumbo to you?

Having listening materials with “audible training wheels” is an easy way to make it happen. You can practice your listening skills using your phone during the day.

It’s easy! If you are interested in practice materials to help you understand more spoken Spanish that are also easy to use, you can take a look over here: Spoken Spanish Listening Materials

The 80/20 Principle:

In other words, it’s the few things that matter most.

We can use the 80/20 Principle in Spanish to prioritize in order to move faster. In this case, by determining a subgroup of words (which is usually around 20%) that are used most often in common conversations.

By focusing on that 20% you can get disproportionate results in the progress of your language skills and move faster.

Get a Copy of the List and an Downloadable Audio File so you can Practice later:

If you’d like to get a downloadable copy of this list of 100 words (with sample sentences in Spanish and English for each on of them) as well as an audio MP3 file with the pronunciation of each word and each example; sign up here to have them delivered to your inbox in less than 1 minute:

The 100 Most Common Words in Spoken Spanish

Now, it’s time to review the full list of words. If you are just getting started, focus on the first 50 words on the list. After you memorize those, move on to the full list. Here it is (have fun!)

Get your Copy of this List (with additional examples!) and a Downloadable Audio File so you can Practice later:

Get a Downloadable Audio MP3 (with the pronunciation of each word and examples) and a PDF version of this list of 100 words (with sample sentences) delivered to your inbox as well as additional resources to improve your Spanish.

Sign up here to have them delivered to your inbox:

20 Most Common English Proverbs About Friendship ?

Proverbs are wise sayings handed down over many generations used to pass on wisdom and to teach. Some are thousands of years old. Whereas others were created in the last 50 years.

Here are 20 common English Proverbs about friends and friendship, along with their meanings.

Real friends are there for you when no one else in your life is. That’s why they also say that you learn who you real friends are in times of trouble.

2. A dog is man’s best friend

Dogs are loyal friends to have in your life. They do everything to protect and please their owner. They are faithful companions that make themselves of value to their owner, doing anything for them and giving him/her unconditional love without asking much in return.

3. A friend in need is a friend indeed

A friend that sticks with you and helps you when you’re in trouble is a true friend. For example, if you have a friend who helps you even when you have nothing to give back to them at that moment, they are a true friend.

4. A friend to all is a friend to none

A friendship with a person who is friends with everyone is not unique or truly valuable. You can’t count on them. They won’t protect you or stick up for you when you have problems with others because they’re also friends with the other people too.

5. A friend’s eye is a good mirror

Sometimes we don’t see ourselves as clearly as we do others. A good friend will truthfully tell you whether you do something good or bad which is valuable to have.

6. A man is known by his friends

People judge you by the company you keep. Others will look at your friends and make assumptions about you based on the friends you choose to have in your life.

They also mean to say that it’s important who you pick as your friends because it affects your reputation.

Also known as: “A man is known by the company he keeps.” 7. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

When those you love – friends, family, or romantic partners – are physically far away from you, you feel more love for them. This is partial because you miss them and think more positively about them when they’re not with you.

8. As thick as thieves

Meaning to have a very strong friendship, similar to feeling like family rather than friends. This is like when you see in the movies that there is a “pirate’s code” or a “thieves code” connecting all of them as if one big loyal family.

9. Birds of a feather flock together

People who like the same things and have similar personalities tend to enjoy spending time together. For example, different teenagers who like listening to rock music and skateboarding will all become friends and enjoy spending time together.

10. False friends are worse than open enemies

It’s better to at least know who your enemy is, instead of believing someone is your friend only to find out that they aren’t.

At least when you know who your enemy is, you know not to trust them. Whereas if the person you are counting on won’t be there when you need them, it would be better to know you can’t count on them sooner rather than later.

For example, if Elvis were your father, you would know his flaws and problems more than other people who respect him and only saw the good side of him.

12. Friends are thieves of time

Thieves are people who steal from you. This proverb means that we use a lot of our free time to spend time with our friends instead of doing other things. Also, that time tends to move quickly and slips by without us realizing it when we are with our friends.

13. Friendship is like money, easier made than kept

It’s easy to make friends when you first meet someone. But over time to develop a real friendship takes effort and hard work. Similarly to how keeping money is harder than making it.

14. Friendship is love with understanding

When you are in a romantic relationship, feelings of love often make us biased or “blind” to the other person’s bad side. In friendships, we love a person with a complete knowledge of both their good and their bad sides. We’re not as biased as when in romantic relationships.

15. A friend at hand is better than a relative at a distance

Close companions in your life are more valuable than your family if you are not close to them.

This phrase is similar to the idea that your neighbor is more important in your life than your parents if they life far away. Because, if something happened to you, your neighbor could be there to help you.

16. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer

Your enemies wish to harm you. So, if you keep them close to you, by acting friendly with them, you are able to watch them in more detail and know what they’re planning before they do it.

17. Lend your money. Lose your friend

You should never let your friends borrow your money. If you do lend them money, there is a big chance that you will either have problems with them paying you back, or they may become upset with you when you ask for your money back.

18. A man who has friends must himself be friendly

Friendship is created through two people. A friendship won’t last long if only one person makes an effort. Just like any relationship, both sides of a friendship must actively work at the friendship for it to continue and develop.

20. Strangers are just friends waiting to happen

Even our greatest friends were at one time unknown to us. Everyone you meet in your life has the potential to become your friend. But you need to open yourself up to it and make an effort towards it. That’s why they say it’s waiting. It’s waiting for you to make it happen.

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