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Xu Hướng 3/2023 # Best Minecraft Pe Seeds For 2022 (1.16.4) # Top 9 View

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Best Minecraft PE Seeds

You will find some of the best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds for your next world below. I’ve included screenshots of the major highlight from each seed, a description of what you will find, and coordinates to seek out each of the unique areas of the seed. While just about all of the worlds should work, if your version is different from what was tested, it is possible that some of the locations might not show up!

If you’re also playing on PC or another device, make sure to head over to our Best Minecraft Seeds or Minecraft 1.16 Seeds posts for even more options!

Desert Village Surrounded by Biomes Seed

Savanna Village Overlapping w/Dark Oak Forest Seed

Key Locations

Nether Locations

Nether Portal was created very close to spawn.

Rivers Intersecting at Spawn Seed

Key Locations

Ravines & Villages Seed

Key Locations

Nether Locations

Nether Portal was created very close to spawn.

Double Blacksmith Near Coral Reef Seed

Key Locations

Nether Locations

Nether Portal was near the village. I wouldn’t create one near spawn, you get into a pretty boxed in area which is hard to find your way out from.

Hillside Savanna Village

Key Locations

Nether Locations

Nether Portal was created very close to spawn.

Natural Sculpture Seed

If you do a Nether portal not too far from the original spawn, you get a really nice layout! There’s soul sand, crimson forest, warped forest, and a basalt delta all pretty close together. If you want to have access to these areas, then this is a great seed. The nearby Bastion Remnant is also really nice and has a great shape, with the treasure room being easily access once you’re inside!

Key Locations

Nether Locations

Nether Portal was created very close to spawn.

Taiga Island w/Diamonds Seed

Key Locations

Cave Diamonds (Six!): 41 11 26

Ravine Diamonds: -1046 13 217

Badlands Biome: 34 75 269

Badlands Mine: -79 69 377

Large Badlands Village w/Ravine & Stronghold: 54 65 951

Acacia Waterfall Village Seed

Key Locations

Haunted Village w/Ravine & Igloo Seed

Key Locations

Huge Mansion Seed

Key Locations

Mountain Village w/Monster Spawner Seed

Key Locations

Mountain Village: -250 72 -209

Monster Spawner: -266 71 -242

Zombie Village: 180 83 -310

Large Village: -310 67 -1136

Another Large Village: -295 64 644

Amazing Mountain Village Seed

Key Locations

Mountain Village: 943 78 -1104

Taiga Village: 165 66 585

Village w/Stronghold Underneath: 990 68 -825

Ice Spikes Biome: 1448 92 -908

Tons of Stuff Near Spawn Seed

There’s also multiple nearby ravines which nearly all have exposed diamond! These should be a lot of fun to explore and will get you started off on the right foot. There’s a Desert Pyramid near a couple of these ravines, and further away is a good sized Desert Village. You’ll even find a large Savannah Village, if that’s more of what you are looking to utilize!

Key Locations

Monster Spawner Cave Entrance: 414 60 -25

Monster Spawner: 390 44 -16

Second Monster Spawner Cave Entrance: 615 64 25

Second Monster Spawner: 615 39 14

Desert Village: 535 66 522

Desert Pyramid: 251 67 878

Ravine w/Exposed Diamond: 653 14 -20

Pillager Outpost: 668 68 205

Desert Pyramid: 379 71 -354

Small Ravine w/Diamond Nearby: 297 11 -441

Larger Ravine w/Exposed Diamond (Multiple Spots): 426 12 -371

Savannah Village: 185 69 962

Diamonds at Spawn + Huge Ravine Seed

Key Locations

Tons of Biomes Close Together Seed

If you want a bunch of different biomes close together then you might want to check this seed out. You’ve got icy islands, jungle, desert, and swamp all right next to each other. There’s a desert village near the spawn, as well as a jungle temple to explore. You can also go deeper into the desert and find yourself an additional village that has a blacksmith!

Key Locations

Many Biomes: Surface Shipwreck, Coral, Desert Village/Temple Seed

This seed has a lot to offer in terms of biomes, including coral, desert, ocean, and taiga. Also, it has some other great features like a large shipwreck that is on the surface that can be explored. It’s also got a nearby desert village and temple, as well as a couple of different Pillager Outposts!

Key Locations

Three Ruin Island Seed

This seed features a pretty large ocean biome, but right near the island you spawn is an island that feature three island ruins that are on top of land! Each of these ruins should have a chest in them, so you can get some quick early loot to start building up your first base or two. There’s quite a few islands scattered around, but there’s also a landmass not too far from spawn that features a couple of Villages and even a Ravine that has a Mineshaft!

Key Locations

Village Island Seed

If you’re on Bedrock and want to start on an island with a village then this seed is for you! The one problem is that you don’t spawn directly on it, so you’ll need to head over to the coordinates below. If you want to just start teleport over there and use the /spawnpoint command to create your spawn at it! Not only do you have the village, you also have a Dungeon Spawner located directly below it. It’s very deep, so only head down there once you’ve setup yourself a bit. If you want to find some other interesting thing around the map, there’s a Ruin that’s been frozen in the snowy biome and an Ocean Monument not too far from the village island.

Key Locations

Huge Island Seed

If you want just a huge island to build on then this is a good starting seed for you. It doesn’t have a ton in terms of villages, but it does have another large island but is more mountainous. It also has a fairly close swamp biome, and there’s a Mineshaft you can explore as well.

Key Locations

How to Use a Seed in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Using seeds is relatively simple, you just need to make sure to set them up prior to creating a world. A seed will determine how your new world is generated, and they make it a lot easier to have a spawn that will be near worthwhile objects and areas. To use a seed in Minecraft PE, just scroll down in the Create New World Game Settings:

The 20 Best Minecraft Pe Seeds For Lazy People On The Go

Minecraft PE seeds create new worlds for gamers to explore, with unique terrain or creatures for players to interact with and enjoy, as well as interesting spawn points.

The Minecraft PE seeds here are the best for lazy people on the go. They’ll give you something more important to do, while you travel around from place-to-place.

The seeds here are case-sensitive.

1. Triple Village Seed

This massive Minecraft seed has a triple village, with two blacksmiths, set on a savannah biome. The surrounding landscape has rivers, mountains, and deserts I explored with my nephew.

Your spawn point is on the other side of the river, but you need to get to the village as quickly as possible, to prevent the blacksmith from catching the chests on fire.

2. Massive Desert Village Seed

Seed: 1246234697

This Minecraft PE seed spawns you in a bland biome on the side of a hill. If you dig straight down, you’ll find gold, coal, iron, and Redstone.

In the nearby desert, there’s a massive Minecraft village to explore, with two blacksmiths, each with decent loot. One blacksmith has superior loot, with a saddle, emeralds, an iron helmet and ingots, ink sacks and bread.

This seed also has lots of cool terrain to explore, including savannah, taiga, plains, and desert. My nephew and I found interesting things exploring this world that entertained us and we still occasionally come back for more.

3. Huge Mesa with Lots of Gold Mine Shafts

4. Full Iron Armor in Just Ten Minutes

Seed: 509333905

This is a Minecraft PE 0.10.5 seed (Infinite).

Using this Minecraft PE seed you can get full iron armor within ten minutes of spawning. Just head to the village you spawn near and find the blacksmith.

The blacksmith has two pairs of iron leggings, so you have a spare set. You need to head across the river to mine the rest of the iron you need to complete the full set.

Look for a cave on the other side of the river by the village, with two deposits of iron at the surface of the entrance.

5. Fishing Village Seed

Seed: 104451

Ok! Minecraft PE gamers can’t fish, just yet, but you can get a feel for the environment using this seed.

When you spawn here, you can head out to sea, or inland to explore. To find the village, head inland, and then travel to the right along the coastline.

In the village, there’s a blacksmith, with a gold and iron ingot, bread and 4 obsidian blocks in his chest.

There’s also a cave near the border of the village, right next to the sidewalk where you find the lampposts. My nephew and I have found iron, gold, coal and the occasional diamond in this cave, so it’s worth checking out.

If you decide to head out on the water, you can find islands to explore. We found this Minecraft PE seed unique in this way, so go island hopping, if you want to try something different.

6. Epic Stronghold Seed

Seed: 108685930

This is a Minecraft PE 0.10.5 seed (Infinite).

Gamers looking for a great stronghold seed will love this one. Just head over to the village you see when you spawn, jump in the well and dig down to find the stronghold.

7. The Best Minecraft Village Seed

Seed: 1408106526

This amazing Minecraft PE seed has two complete villages, each with its own stronghold.

Me and my nephew started this one in Creative mode, which is a good idea if you want to get an idea of the landscape.

You spawn on a savannah, with the hill where you find the villages, behind you. Turn around, fly up over the hill and you’ll see the first village on top of the hill.

The second village is to the right, but also partly perched on the hill, which is an amazing sight.

8. Stunning Mesa Seed

9. Handy Minecraft PE Village Seed

Seed: 1074879716

This great Minecraft PE seed has two villages, one has a blacksmith with really cool loot. The second village doesn’t have a blacksmith, but if you look in the well, you’ll find a stronghold with an end portal.

10. Minecraft PE Dungeon Seed

Seed: 1794954266

Warning! There’s a zombie spawner in the dungeon, so be careful.

11. Multiple Villages with Blacksmiths

12. A Minecraft Town?

My nephew and I found this cool Minecraft town to explore. At least, with so many villages around, it looks like a town.

Here you can find everything an explorer needs, including blacksmiths with loot to make it more entertaining.

13. A Mountain View Seed

Seed: super pig

14. Floating Ocean Village Seed

Seed: 1413755523

There’s a significant amount of water and land to explore, but the island gives you a good base to start with, and it’s just fun to float around with your nephew exploring and flaming each other.

15. Survival Island Seed

Watch out for the villagers, they are a little on the angry side: deranged is closer to the target.

16. Easy Minecraft PE Seed

Seed: infinity

You spawn in the woods, beneath floating islands, which is kind of freaky.

Look for square stones on the ground as you explore and you could find the resources you need. Dig down deep beneath some of these stones and you’ll find pockets of iron, Redstone, and precious gems.

17. Horror Mountain Seed

This is a Minecraft 0.10.5 seed (Infinite).

You spawn to the left of a village, which is partly on a mountain and next to a river.

Climb to the top of the mountain and you’ll find the entrance to a dungeon, with a zombie spawner.

Defeating the zombies and find the treasure chests inside the dungeon is a lot of fun.

18. Everything an Adventure Needs Seed

Seed: sylph

If you dig deep into the ground around the well in the village, you’ll find an abandoned mineshaft with diamonds, redstone, iron, gold, and other minerals and gems.

This is a great seed in Survival mode and extremely challenging.

19. Multiple Villages and Stronghold Seed

Seed: 85292285

There are also all types of biomes represented in this seed, which makes it more fun, and in Survival mode, this one rocks!

20. Sea of Flowers Seed

Seed: 1425516286

Build a nice home, next to the mines you find, because this biome looks like paradise.

10 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022

Your Minecraft experience is shaped by where you choose to spawn, which is why it is so important to choose the right seed for you. Minecraft seeds are what make the game interesting and present new challenges in gameplay, whether you prefer a pastoral environment or one made of ice and snow.

However, some are better than others, and knowing what is available can make all the difference in how your gameplay experience is structured.

It may seem like there’s an unlimited supply of seeds and the truth is that gamers are always creating new worlds to explore. Sifting through all of them can actually take away from your actual play time, so it’s good to know which options are most appealing – and the most fun.

What are Minecraft seeds?

Minecraft seeds are codes that generate the worlds that you play in. They cover a wide variety of places, including murky dungeons and landscapes with gorgeous views. Once implemented, these codes create a world in which you can build and explore.

They can change the nature of your gameplay and the type of creations you want to build with your setting. You can also choose to play the same seed with a friend to see how your experiences may differ.

Random worlds vs custom seeds

While some players enjoy jumping into a randomly generated world, others like to have a bit more control over the type of game they are playing or the types of resources they can access.

Custom Minecraft seeds allow you to personalize the entire Minecraft experience. Seeds customize the game for you and they provide a more dedicated plan about what you are going to build and what you can accomplish during gameplay.

To choose a seed, enter the code associated with that seed. Almost all codes are a series of numbers in either negative or positive values. If you do not use a certain value, the game will automatically use a random seed that you haven’t chosen.

Finding new seeds

If you want to search for some new seeds to use then make sure to check out the iOS and Android app Seeds Pro. It’s a community-based app that allows you to share seeds with friends online and discuss them in detail.

Best of all, you can link your Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) account so you can easily download the best Minecraft PE seeds created by other users.

How to create a Minecraft world with a seed

If you’re just starting out in Minecraft, creating a new world in the game is much easier than you may think. First, head to the World Generator, where you can consistently upload the same biomes and structures each time. Minecraft PE also allows you to create worlds separate from the random ones automatically generated by the game.

For the Java edition on PC or Mac

Another screen will show up where you can choose “More World Options.” This is where you will want to have your codes available

Enter the number for the seed you want

To create separate Minecraft PE worlds

Next, tap on “Seed” before entering in your seed value in the provided box

After you have inserted the proper numbers, tap “Done” and then “Create World!” to load it

The differences between Minecraft seeds on PC, mobile, and console

Minecraft has a few different forms of gameplay, and seeds work a little differently on each type. More people play Minecraft on console than those on PC and mobile, meaning that each base has its own fandom and has various required specs.

Minecraft PE seeds

The main difference between the PC and PE versions is that the latter’s worlds are only 256 x 256 blocks in size, making it more difficult to create a variety of worlds for players. As of 2015, sharing seeds either through mobile or PC has been pretty much the same, but you may need alternative codes depending on which system you use.

Console seeds

For consoles, you will need to determine which one you are playing before proceeding. The Minecraft PS4 seeds differ from the Minecraft PS3 seeds or Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds, for example, and there is no guarantee that you will spawn what you are looking for if you use the same codes across platforms.

Verifying your Minecraft version

Before entering a seed, make sure that it is specifically designed for your platform so that you end up with the compatible seed ready to play. There also aren’t nearly as many seeds for consoles as there are for the other editions, but more are being created all the time.

You also want to make sure that your system is running the correct version of Minecraft so it can run the seeds you want. If in doubt, double-check to make sure.

You may actually need to revert back to legacy versions of the game in order to choose the seeds you want, although it is extremely easy to do if you need to.

To choose your version:

Enter in the version of Minecraft you would like to use

Go back to the “News” area, which will load the right version and allow you to play

10 best Minecraft seeds

Determining the best Minecraft seeds is no easy task, especially because it can come down to personal opinion depending on how you play and what you enjoy doing in the game.

However, certain seeds are among the cream of the crop based on the number of times entered and their continued popularity. Here are some cool Minecraft seeds you can try next time you play.

1. Minecraft Seed Island

Buried treasure and hidden loot make this seed immediately exciting. With several islands available to explore, you have the opportunity to collect a number of cool items, including 2 enchanted tunics, 6 gold nuggets, 8 gold ingots, an iron sword, and a lot more.

With 2 shipwrecks (the second offers the most rewards), you’ll have plenty of loot to search for. Look at the buried treasure map so you know how to get back to where you spawned.

2. Temple of Doom

Welcome to the jungle! You’ll be spawned right near a temple in a convenient place where you can cross over to a desert or a jungle biome – the choice is yours. You’ll need to explore thoroughly for items, and beware of the pillagers that take over this area.

Arm yourself early on and you should be all set to experience an awesome survival game. Also, don’t forget to check out the river, ocean, and mountains for additional items.

3. A Song of Ice and Spire

You may also see some polar bears and rabbits roaming around, but don’t worry, they’re harmless. Gather some resources and begin building in this chilly and intriguing seed.

4. Ultimate Farm Spawn

If you love animals (especially the voxel-shaped, Minecraft animals), this is the seed for you. You’ll spawn right in the middle of a farm featuring horses, pigs, sheep, and ducks.

Make sure to gather your resources from the nearby savanna biome in order to get the coal and stone you need in order to build your farm. After you start your furnace, you’re ready to let your imagination go wild and corral those animals.

5. Village Cut in Half by Ravine

6. Savanna Villages on the Great Plains

With 2 savanna villages located in this seed, you’ll have access to plenty of resources so you can build to your heart’s content. To the right, you have a “large ocean savanna village,” which is a good place to start looking for items and resources.

Once you have gathered what you need, you may want to expand to the plains biome or head to the “mountain savanna village.” There, you’ll find wood for building your next masterpiece.

7. Horse Island Survival

Have you ever wanted to live on a deserted island filled with horses? This seed spawns you on a small island where – you guessed it – your only company is a herd of wild horses. There’s also a shipwreck nearby where you can gather some unique items like a compass and buried treasure map.

This seed is definitely geared more toward exploration rather than building, but you can have a lot of fun searching for treasure and interacting with the friendly horses on the island.

8. The Titanic

As you can imagine from its name, this seed features a shipwreck and an iceberg as its main focal points. But there are some unexpected features worth checking out as well. You’ll find a nearby island with a lush jungle and a giant pit where you can find the resources necessary to build your creations.

Unfortunately, this seed does not come with a certain famous song by Celine Dion, so you will have to add that yourself.

9. The Jungle Temple of Diamonds and Bones

Note: The loot is different in this seed depending on your platform.

You will arrive on the west side of a jungle island where you can then enter a temple filled with some amazing loot. Along with 2 diamonds to gather, there are some…bones? Nonetheless, this is a great spot to begin building your new empire or simply explore the jungle. If you are looking for some more resources, head past the temple to the ocean, where you can find a mine and cave spider spawners.

Seed code: 87953651674304230

System: PC/Mac/Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition

10. The Pillager Outpost

The best thing you can do is sneak up to the top of the tower past the pillagers equipped with crossbows. Avoid getting caught and you’ll be able to access your very own crossbow, which is located in the chest.


There is a reason that Minecraft has remained so immensely popular since its release in 2009. Along with its unique combination of creativity and exploration, this timeless classic is constantly undergoing changes and updates, often through the variety of good Minecraft seeds that are available today.

For our picks, some of the more innovative seeds that allow players to have the most exploration are The Jungle Temple of Diamonds and Bones and Savannah Villages on the Great Plains.

These seeds offer a variety of loot and construction options, and they allow you to explore for hours upon hours. With these recommended seeds, you can experience an entirely new take on Minecraft and make it a new experience every time you play.

5 Best Minecraft Village Seeds In January 2022

Village seeds in Minecraft are some of the best starting seeds out there, as they immediately provide players with a selection of resources that can kickstart any great journey.

Both basic survival worlds and speedrunning worlds benefit from having villages near the world spawn point, as players can collect what’s available at the village -be it be food, loot from chests or crops from farms – that can ease the struggles that all Minecraft players face at the beginning of a new world.

5 best Minecraft village seeds

Here are five of the best Minecraft village seeds for game version 1.16.4 for players to use as the starting point for their worlds.

#5 572779209

image via Minecraft

This Minecraft seed spawns players right next to a savannah village, allowing them to collect the few hay bales, crops and chests scattered around the place.

The area is right by a desert and a plains biome, so this seed is great for both survival building and speedrunning purposes.

There is a lava pool not too far into the desert, and there are plenty of local caves for players to explore for resources.

#4 1813745601

image via Minecraft

This Minecraft seed has a spruce village not too far west of spawn. This town is adorable and has a bunch of younger villagers as well as adults in the community.

It’s a pretty extensive cave system, but there are plenty of resources to collect on the way to the stronghold too, so Minecraft players won’t find it a missed opportunity.

#3 8337235562809889622

image via Minecraft

This village is great for Minecraft players who like to load up on supplies and food at the villages they come across.

With so many hay bales scattered around the area, an iron golem and two chests in this village as well, there is so much for players to collect for their journeys.

This is a great starter seed for players who are new to Minecraft as well as for those players who prefer an easy start to their game as a kicking off point to push them towards greatness.

#2 8319794722483450039

image via Minecraft

This seed is an incredibly lucky find. Not only does the Minecraft player spawn only a hundred or so blocks away from a broken portal (with a chest containing the remaining obsidian needed to complete the frame), there is also a massive lootable village right across the river.

This village has lots of crops and chests to loot from, including a couple of emeralds that can be found in a house’s chest, meaning players can trade with villagers.

To make this seed even better, there is an outpost directly to the right of the spawn as players face the village, meaning that once the players are done with looting the village, they can go and loot the outpost too!

There are two iron golems at the outpost to kill once all of the villagers are dealt with, meaning the player can have even more iron on hand. Moreover, all of that off the chest at the top of the outpost is pretty loaded too.

#1 1116837734288061943

image via Minecraft

This seed, although seemingly not as important as the previously mentioned ones, is amazing for those Minecraft players wanting to grow and expand a community to make a bustling town center.

With two villages incredibly close to each other with only a river in between, this area has amazing potential for players to expand into a giant city if they wish to.

For players who prefer looting villages and leaving them behind, these villages have some pretty good loot in the chests as well as quite a lot of hay and crops to collect too. Overall, this is an amazing Minecraft seed with a whole bunch of potential for players to make this area really beautiful and upgraded.

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