Xu Hướng 11/2022 # 100 Baby Names With A Little Meaning / 2023 # Top 13 View | Hoisinhvienqnam.edu.vn

Xu Hướng 11/2022 # 100 Baby Names With A Little Meaning / 2023 # Top 13 View

Bạn đang xem bài viết 100 Baby Names With A Little Meaning / 2023 được cập nhật mới nhất trên website Hoisinhvienqnam.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

Have you ever wondered what your favourite baby name actually means? It’s all well and good to have a cute sounding name but what if the meaning is just…blasé?

Choosing a powerful moniker for your future child is just as important as how the name LOOKS and SOUNDS.

These 100 names, collected via Pop Sugar are not only adorable but they have a strong meaning behind them also, making them that much more appealing.

A list of 100 baby names with strong meaning for your bub


Aaron: Hebrew — Enlightened.

Aiden: Celtic — The sun god; fiery.

Alexander: Greek — Defender of men.

Amell: German — Power of an eagle.

Amory: German — Leader; divine; brave; powerful.

Andrew: Greek — Strong; manly; courageous.

Anthony: Latin — Priceless.

Asher: Hebrew —Happy or blessed.

Austin: Latin — Majestic dignity.

Azai: Hebrew — Strength.

Aziel: Hebrew — God is my power.

Caelan: Irish — Powerful warrior; victorious people.

Chance: English — Good fortune.

Charlie: English — Free.

David: Hebrew — Beloved.

Edric: English — Power and good fortune.

Edward: English — Wealthy guardian.

Elliot: Hebrew — Lord is my God.

Ethan: Hebrew — Strong; safe; firm.

Ezra: Hebrew — Helper.

Felix: Latin — Happy; fortunate.

Gabriel: Hebrew — Devoted to God; a hero of God; God is my strength.

Henry: German — Ruler of the household.

Ian: Scottish — God is gracious.

Isaac: Hebrew — He will laugh.

Isaiah: Hebrew — Salvation of the lord.

Jayce: Greek — Healer.

Jonathan: Hebrew — God gives.

Josiah: Hebrew — Fire of the Lord; healer.

Julian: Latin — Father of the skies.

Kano: Japanese — One’s masculine power; capability.

Levi: Hebrew — Joined in harmony.

Liam: Irish — Strong-willed warrior and protector.

Lucas: Latin — Light-giving; illumination.

Magnus: Latin — Greatest.

Matthew: Hebrew — Gift from God.

Miles: Latin — Soldier.

Milo: German — Merciful.

Nathan: Hebrew — He gave.

Ned: English — Wealthy guardian.

Noah: Hebrew — Rest; comfort.

Nolan: Gaelic — A descendant of a chariot fighter or champion; famous; noble.

Oswald: English — Divine power.

Owen: Welsh — Young warrior; well-born; noble.

Robert: German — Bright fame.

Ryan: Irish — Descendent of the king; little king.

William: German — Strong-willed warrior; resolute protection.

Xander: Greek — Protector of men.

Zachary: Hebrew — Remembered by God.

Zane: Hebrew — God’s gracious gift.


Abigail: Hebrew — The father’s joy.

Alessia: Italian — Defending warrior.

Alexandra: Greek — Helper; defender of mankind.

Alice: English — Noble; kind.

Amara: Latin — Strong; attractive; stylish.

Amelia: German — Industrious; striving.

Anne: Hebrew — Favored grace.

Arabella: Latin — Lovely; elegant.

Audree: French — Nobility; strength.

Arianna: Greek — Holy.

Avery: French — Wise.

Callie: Greek — Most beautiful.

Calynn: Gaelic — Powerful in battle.

Charlotte: French — Petite; feminine.

Charvi: Sanskrit — Beautiful.

Claire: Latin — Bright; clear; famous; brilliant.

Cora: Greek — Filled heart.

Darlene: English — Darling, loved one.

Della: German — Noble; bright.

Diana: Latin — Moon Goddess.

Eleanor: Greek — Bright, shining one; sun rays.

Ella: English — Light; beautiful fairy woman.

Eva: Hebrew — Life.

Farrah: Arabic — Happy.

Faye: French — Loyalty; confidence; trust; belief.

Gabriella: Hebrew — Devoted to God.

Grace: Latin: Goodness; generosity.

Hannah: Hebrew — Favor; grace of God.

Isabelle: Hebrew — God is my strength; devoted to God.

Jocelyn: Latin — Happy; joyful.

Kaitlyn: Greek — Pure.

Kalila: Arabic — Heap of love.

Layla: Egyptian — Dark beauty.

Mackenzie: Gaelic — Child of the wise leader.

Malia: Hawaiian — Beloved.

Mia: Latin — Mine; wished-for child.

Mila: Russian — Industrious; hardworking.

Millie: Latin — Free-born; strength; determination.

Naila: Arabic — Successful.

Nora: Greek — Shining light.

Reagan: Irish — Little ruler.

Reveka: Hebrew — Captivating.

Samantha: Hebrew — Listener.

Sarah: Hebrew — Princess.

Shayna: Yiddish — Beautiful; God is gracious.

Sophia: Greek — Wisdom.

Stella: Greek — A star.

Vivian: Latin — Full of life.

Zahra: Arabic — Flower.

Zoe: Greek — Life.

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Top 100 Strong Boy Names With Meanings / 2023

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The word boy evokes a masculine feeling. So it goes without saying that parents having a boy want a name that spells strength, courage and dynamism. The list of names that one can find is endless but this curated list of 100 strong yet different boy names, will help you christen your baby boy. Pick a name to help you boy start life as a macho, tough guy to inspire him forever.

Video: 50 Best Strong & Powerful Baby Boy Names with their Meanings

List of 100 Strong & Powerful Baby Boy Names

The below list of powerful boy names will help you shortlist names that resonate the image you wish to portray and bear a strong meaning. Choosing the right name for your son is no longer a challenging task with this personal guide that lists names from popular to rare with meanings and origins.

Strong boy names for babies are not in shortage and Adir of Hebrew origin is one of them. It means “mighty” and will give your kid a strong presence.

If you are looking for boy names that mean power, then Amaury of German and French origin means ” work power”. With a royal connection, it is a French form of the ancient German royal name Amalric or Emmerich.

Greeks have often been associated with power, strength and masculinity. Andreas of Greek origin means “strong and manly.”

If you are a fan of the book ” To Kill a Mocking Bird”, then Atticus Finch, the strong protagonist of the book, will surely inspire to show the good fight. The name is of Latin origin.

Of Tuetonic origin, Barin means a “noble fighter”. Pick this for a benevolent and brave boy.

In German, it means “bear strength”. The resonation sound makes it a winner.

7. Batair

The name is of Scottish origin and means “strong warrior”. It sounds different and has an appealing sound to it.

One of the uncommon strong boy names, Berk of Turkish origin means “firm and solid.”

Bernard is the name of a saint in the Alps, but few know it is one of the names that define strength. Time to regain Alpine energy with the name that means “bear strength”.

Of Irish origin, the name sounds different and is unheard of. It means “powerful in battle.”

An Italian name that means “manly”, it sounds equally contemporary too.

A German name, it means “brave, a bold ruler and a counsel”. The name rolls three personalities into one to make sure your son is a leader by birth.

The East has always given its Lords a mighty status and associated them with several powers. Cyrus means a “Persian Lord” and is of Eastern origin.

Of Cornish origin, it can be spelt with just one “l” too. The name means powerful and been made popular by the Hollywood star Denzel Washington.

This name is of Irish origin and means ” proud chief” So if you want your son to be a leader, then choose this one. It also sounds great with any second name.

16. Donaghy

The name means “strong fighter” and is of Celtic origin. A beautiful sounding name, it’s a great choice for parents who want something different.

17. Dries

Fancy a Dutch name. Well, then this one is it. And guess what it means “man or warrior”. Different, powerful and strong, the name is short and sweet.

Romans have never been far behind in terms of strength and the Colosseum is a perfect example of the same. Drusus in ancient Roman means “strong and a great sounding moniker.”

19. Eberado

Sounds a little long, but this German name means a “strong boar and brave”. So, if you have a strong last name then this could go well with it and make it sound regal.

Fancy a Viking association to your son? This Norwegian name means strong warrior and could inspire your son to take up strong causes.

A French name that means power and also occurs twice in the Harry Potter series. It is a different take on Eric.

Pick this for a name with an Italian origin. It means “winner or conquest”. So if you envision your boy to be a winner always, then this is the best choice.

Another name with a Hebrew origin, it has a powerful meaning. It means “God will strengthen” and with this name you make sure the supreme force stays with your son forever.

Short, sweet and contemporary, this Arabic name means “saviour”. You can pick this one if you fancy a short name that does not need a lot of effort to memorise.

A typical English name, Farris means “iron”. So naming your boy Farris will give him strength right from his birth.

If you want your boy to be a hero or a man of courage, then this Irish name sounds right. The Irish have their own style and panache and this name resonates the same.

27. Fenyang

If you are of African origin, then this African name equivalent to “conquest” will get your boy ready to conquer the world!

28. Finely

This name is Scottish and means “fair warrior”. You can also modify it to Finian to make it sound Irish. In Irish it means “handsome warrior”.

29. Flamma

Gladiators may have originally been Romans but the Greek coined a term for them. Flamma means “gladiator” in Greek and the name sounds really contemporary.

Fort is a French name and originates from the ancient Saint Fort. It probably sounds very colloquial, but could be used as a name for a change.

A common name which has not lost its popularity in the least. The Hebrew name which means “God is my strength” is popular because of its religious significance.

Often confused with Griffith, Griffin is a Welsh name and means “chief warrior”.

The name means “God’s power.” It has risen in popularity after Harry Potter has a figure named Godric Gryffindor in its series. In reality, Godric was popular as a saint in middle England during the 11th century.

Griffith is another variant of Griffin and means “strong Lord” in Welsh. It is popular as a last name but makes a great first name too.

Short and succinct, Gus means “one strength” in Gaelic. It a unique name and quickly catching up in popularity.

A colloquial term in spoken English, the name Guy is of French origin. It means a “leader”.

Meaning “Steadfast” in Arabic, this name sounds different and is sure to make your son have a firm determination and resolve in life.

You want your son to be an ” illustrious warrior”, then pick this. Of German origin, the name is perfect for parents who aim high for their son.

The legend of Hercules is known to all and it is one name that signifies the epitome of strength and grace. Of Greek origin, the name means “Hera’s glory”.

A name with a Swedish origin, it means “fighting fury”. The name sounds different and will sound great with a perfect last name.

The origin is unknown but the name means “strong ruler”. The name sounds different and will definitely catch on.

The Nordic region is famous for strong people and their names are synonymous with power and might. Igor is a Scandinavian name for “heroic warrior”.

Another one that means “strength”. If you fancy a Hungarian name for your baby, then this one fits the bill.

In Iceland, people live with a warrior spirit. Hunting is in their veins and Ivar in Icelandic means “bow warrior”. It can also be spelt as Ivor.

Of Finnish origin, the name means “helmet warrior”. A beautiful short name that will go well with all family names.

If you have a Polish connection, then Jedrick in Polish means ” strong man”. The name sounds very modern and unique.

Jerry is not just a cartoon character. It has an Irish origin and means a “brave spearman”. So if you want your son to learn to be a warrior, choose this one.

The name in Arabic means ” strength” and has a nice lilt to it.

Of Greek origin, the name means “youthful and downy”. The Greek has some wonderful names and this definitely is one of them.

50. Kalmin

A Scandinavian name for “manly and strong”, this moniker could put your boy right on top of the popularity charts.

51. Kawan

A Korean name meaning “strong”, you could choose it for its uniqueness and easy sound.

Kenji is a Japanese name with several meanings- “intelligent second son”, “strong” and “vigorous”. It can also be shortened to the popular Ken which means strong in Japanese.

Fancy a name with an English origin? Then, Kendrick is one and means “bold power”. A common last name, you could use it if it sounds great with your last name.

The name has a bold spirit to it with its sound. Of Irish origin, the name means “war” or “strife”.

If you wish your son to be as fierce as a lion, then opt for this German name which literally means “lion strength”.

Of Irish origin, the name means “helmet of will”. You are sure to raise a son with an iron will.

Extremely popular with several celebrities sharing this name that includes singer Lionel Richie, it is Latin for “lion.”

58. Ludwick

A German name for a fighter, this name is different and sounds distinctive.

A common name it actually is of French origin and means a strong warrior.

The name is of Arabic origin and means “strong”. Although spelt as Makin, it is pronounced as “Ma-Kee-n” in Arabic.

Another English name for “strong warrior”, this one is special and inimitable.

A Latin name which means “greatest”. The name itself sounds magnificent and regal.

63. Mauz

A Hebrew name that means strength. A beautiful name which sounds so melodic.

The name has a fierce sound to its pronunciation. It is German for “brave” or “hard strength”.

65. Naois

The name is of Celtic origin and means “mythical warrior”.

66. Napolean

The great Italian leader led the army to many a victory. If you are a fan of history then this could be your choice.

Short, sweet and vibrant, it is of English origin. The name means “healthy guardian”.

For those parents with Spanish roots, this one sounds unique and means ” strong”.

A Gaelic name that means “champion”. Name your bonny boy Nolan and it is already the last name of Christopher Nolan.

70. Olis

A name that sounds short and sweet, Olis is of German origin and means “powerful”.

Far away from the west, Ondrej is of Slovakian origin and means “man warrior”

72. Orisis

The name belongs to an Egyptian mythological God who is believed to die and take rebirth every year. It means “strong eyesight”.

A Latin name that means “bear”, it is a great choice for something distinctive.

It means “divine power” and has literary connections. It appears in Shakespeare’s “King Lear” and Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”.

A popular last name, it means “strong warrior in Welsh and is gaining popularity as a first name.

Well, you would have heard of “Wizard of Oz”. This is also a Hebrew name and means “strength”.

77. Palebo

The name means “lighting” in Arabic and will make sure your boy strikes like a bolt of lightning everywhere.

An imaginary bird associated with the sun in Egypt, it means “dark-red” in Greek.

The name means “warrior’s town” and is of English origin.

The name means “strong” in Latin and is a quirky yet powerful name.

In Irish, the name means “fit and strong”. A perfect choice to get your son to be so in future.

82. Rinc

The name has an Anglo Saxon tinge and means “mighty warrior”.

In Latin, Rex means king. A common name but yet has retained its originality.

Means ” super strong” in Danish and perfect if you want the superlative for your son.

A different name with an African origin and means fighter.

The name means “sea strong” in English and if you love the tenacity of the sea, you will love it.

The name means “strong like bamboo” in Japanese.

In Greek, it means “avenger”. Raise a man with an undying spirit with this one.

Of Scandinavian origin, the name means “thunder” or “strong” and is popular because of the film “Thor”.

Of Italian origin, the name means ” renowned warrior”.

Of biblical origin, the name means “Jehovah is my friend” and derives strength from its religious origin.

The name means “warrior” in Scandinavian.

93. Wigman

Another name for “warrior”, this one is of English origin.

The Greek version for “protector of man”, it will make sure your son protects one and all.

95. Xavion

The name means “fighter” and has a beautiful tone to it.

96. Yaden

In Hebrew, Yaden means “strong”. This name will go with any last name.

A French name that means “knight of the lion”. Pronounced as ” “U- wee” it is irreplaceable.

A Greek name that means “sea strength”. Parents who love the sea will love this one.

99. Zuben

It means “strong ” in Egyptian and sounds lovely.

100. Zubery

Another African word for “strong” and unheard of.

Courage, valour and strength is something that most parents today want their child to possess. A name which means that is a great start to give them the push. This list of names will give you the inspiration you need to choose a strong name for your son!

100+ Root Word Definitions And Meanings / 2023

Learning root words can be helpful in improving your vocabulary. When you know root words, you can recognize the basis of any word and use that knowledge to help you define a word you may not otherwise know. Keep reading to learn more about root words and to see a list of over 100 root word definitions.

100+ Root Word Definitions and Meanings

Root Word Basics

So, what is a root word? A root word is the most basic part of a word, known as a morpheme. Root words that can stand alone as words (such as hero or ego) are known as free morphemes. If a root word must use a prefix and/or suffix to be an English word, it’s known as a bound morpheme.

For example, take the word biology:

The root bio is Greek for “life.”

The suffix -logy is Greek for “the study of.”

Therefore, biology means “the study of life.” If you add yet another suffix, -ist, the word becomes biologist – a person who studies life. As you make your way through this list of root words, you might consider creating your own flashcard set to memorize root word definitions. Just use this editable blank flashcard template.

View & Download PDF

Root Definitions

It’s important to know basic root word meanings. Understanding these definitions is the first step in building a stronger and more expansive vocabulary. Here is a sampling of root words divided by Greek and Latin origins.

Greek Roots

Many words in English are derived from Greek roots, like “bibliography,” “chronological” and “orthodontist.” Take a look at this list of Greek roots and try to think of English words based on each of them.

Amphi (from amphí): Both sides, all around

Anthrop (from ánthrōpos): Human or man

Aqua or Aque (from aqua): Water or having to do with water

Arch (from arkhḗ): Ruler, chief, or leader

Arthro (from árthron): Joint

Bio (from biōtós): Life

Biblio (from bíblos): Book

Byss (from bussós): Bottom

Chrom (from khrôma): Color

Chron (from khrónos): Time

Cord or Chord (from khordḗ): Cord

Cosm (from kósmos): Universe

Crac or Crat (from krátos): Ruler or rule

Crypt (from krúptein): Hidden

Cylind (from kulíndein): Roll

Dyna (from dúnasthai): Power

Dem (from dêmos): People

Derm (from dérma): Skin

Dox (from dóxa): Opinion or belief

Eur (from eurús): Wide

Exo (from éxō): Outside

Gam (from gámos): Marriage

Geo (from gaîa): Earth

Glyph (from glúphein): Carve

Gno (from gnōtós): Know

Gram (from grámmatos): Letter

Graph (from gráphein): Printing or writing

Gym (from gumnós): Naked

Gyn (from gunḗ): Woman

Hemi (from hḗmisus): partial

Hemo, Hem, or Hema (from haîma): Blood

Hero (from hḗrōs): Hero

Hol (from hólos): Entire or whole

Hydr or Hydro (from húdōr): Water

Iso (from ísos): Identical, same or equal

Klept (from kléptein): Steal

Log (from lógos): Word or reason

Man or Mant (from manía): Crazy

Melan (from mélanos): Black

Mere (from meíresthai): A segment or part

Meta or Met (from metá): Above or beyond

Meter or Metri (from métron): Measure

Morph (from morphḗ): Structure or form

Narc (from narkân): Numb

Neur (from neûron): Nerve

Od (from hodós): Path

Odonto (from odóntos): Tooth

Onym or Nym (from ónuma): Name or word

Ortho (from orthós): To correct or straighten

Path (from páthos): Feeling

Phono or Phon (from phōnḗ): Voice or sound

Pne (from pneûma): Lung or breathe

Psych (from psukhḗ): Mind, soul or spirit

Pod or Ped (from podós): Foot

Rhe (from rheîn): Flow

Schid or Schiz (from skhízein): Split or division

Siphon (from síphōn): Tube

Soph (from sophós): Knowledge or wisdom

Strat (from stratós): Army

The or Theo (from theós): Deity or god

Therm (from thermós): Heat

Troph (from trophós): Feed or grow

Ur (from oureîn): Urine

Zo (from zôion): Animal

Latin Roots

Just as many English words are derived from Greek, many other words are based on Latin roots, like “ambidextrous,” “carnivore” and “lecture.” What English words can you think of that are based on each of these Latin root words?

Alter (from alius): Other

Ami or amic (from amicus): Love

Ambi (from ambi): Both sides

Ann or Enni (from annus): Year

Aud (from audire): Sound

Bell (from bellum): War

Brev (from brevis): short

Cap (from capere): To take or seize control of

Carn (from caro): Meat

Ced (from cedere): Yield or go

Corp (from corpus): Body

Cred (from credere): Believe

Cruc (from crux): Cross

Culp (from culpa): Guilt

Dent (from dentis): Tooth

Dic (from dīcere): To speak or say

Doc (from docere) Teach

Du (from duo): Two

Duc or Duct (from ducere): To lead

Ego (from egṓ): Self

Equ (from aequus): Equal or equivalent

Fac (from facere): To make or do

Fil (from fīlum): Thread

Frater (from frāter): Brother

Grad or Gress (from gradi): Step

Ject (from jacio ): To throw

Jud or Judic (from iudex): To judge

Jus or Jur (from ius): Law and justice

Lect or Leg (from legere): Say or read

Liter (from littera): Letter

Loc (from locus): Place

Luc (from lūx): Light

Magn (from magnus): Big or Large

Man or Manu (from manus): Hand

Mar (from mare): Sea

Mater (from mater): Mother

Min (from minor): Smaller

Miss or Mit (from mittere): Send

Mon (from mónos): Warn

Mov, Mot, or Mob (from movere): Move

Mort or Mor (from mors): Death

Mut (from movere): Change

Nomin or Nomen (from nomen): Name

Nov (from novus): New

Pac (from pax): Peace

Pater (from patḗr): Father

Pel or Puls (from pēlós): Drive or push

Pend or Pens (from pensare): Weigh or hang

Plan (from plānus): Flat

Port (from portare): Carry

Pot (from potere): Power

Pug or Pugn (from pugnare): Fight

Quer or Quis (from quaerere): To ask or seek

Scand or Scend (from scandere): To climb

Sci (from scire): Know

Scind or sciss (from scindere): Cut

Script or Scrib (from scribere): Write

Sect or Sec (from secare): Cut

Sess or Sed (from sedere): Sit

Sent or Sens (from sentire): To be aware of, to feel

Sequ or Secut (from sequere): To follow

Serv (from servare): To save or serve

Simil or Simul (from simulare): The same or similar

Sol (from solis): The sun

Son (from sonus): Sound

Spic or Spec (from specere): To see or look

Spir (from spirare): Coil or to breathe

Spond (from spondere): Pledge or promise

Stat (from statuere): Stand

Tact or Tang (from tangere): Touch

Tempor (from temporis): Time

Tent or Ten (from tenere): Hold

Terr (from terra): Earth

Vac (from vacare): Empty

Vent or Ven (from venire): To come

Ver (from verus): Truth

Vert (from versus): To turn

Vit (from vita): Life

Voc (from vocare): To call

More Resources on Root Words

The root study doesn’t have to stop here. If you’d like to see these words in action, check out an article that lists examples of root words. There, you’ll learn about root stems and how words can be formed by adding prefixes, suffixes or both to roots.

Cách Chơi Rylai (By Little_Chicken), Garena Vietnam / 2023

Vài nét về hero Crystal Maiden

Nếu bạn là một người thường xuyên chơi game Dota 2 thì chắc chắn không thể bỏ qua Crystal Maiden – một vị tướng khá đa năng và sở hữu các skill đặc biệt có lợi trong giao tranh. Không ít người coi Hero này như một lựa chọn mặc định của mình khi chơi Dota.

Đang xem: Cách chơi rylai

Crystal Maiden là một Carries vô cùng hiệu quả với khả năng làm chậm kẻ thù ưu việt. Với những kỹ năng như Arcane, Aura, Crystal hoàn toàn có thể gia tăng độ sát thương cho kẻ thù kể cả khi người chơi chỉ trang bị một vài vật phẩm đơn giản.

Crystal Maiden là hero có khả năng làm chậm đối thủ

Để hiểu được hướng dẫn chơi Crystal Maiden chúng ta nên tìm hiểu trước các ưu – nhược điểm của vị Hero này.

Ưu điểm

+ Cung cấp cho mana tái sinh đội. Tăng khả năng tái giao tranh khi combat cho team.

+ Làm chậm đối thủ trong phạm vi rộng. Điều này giúp đồng đội dễ truy bắt, xả skill trong khi đối phương khó chạy trốn cũng như chống trả.

+ Xuất sắc trong việc dọn sạch Creep rừng. Việc này giúp cô nàng dễ dàng tích lũy vàng để mua item và đi gank sớm cho đồng đội.

+ Hoàn toàn không bị phụ thuộc vào vật phẩm. Vì vậy, Hero cũng có thể nhường tài nguyên cho những đồng đội cần lượng đồ lớn để gây sát thương, trong khi bản thân vẫn có thể hoạt động tốt.

Nhược điểm

+ Tốc độ di chuyển thấp.

+ Rất mong manh và dễ chết. Những điểm yếu khiến Crystal Maiden rất dễ bị bắt lẻ.

Hướng dẫn chơi Crystal Maiden Dota 2: Build item cho nhân vật

Cách chơi Crystal Maiden hiệu quả nhất là tận dụng các item. Mặc dù, đây là một vị tướng không quá phụ thuộc vào đồ, tuy nhiên những item này sẽ bổ sung thuộc tính cho các kỹ năng của hero khi chiến đấu. Đồng thời phần nào cũng loại bỏ bớt những điểm yếu của Hero này.

Các vật phẩm đầu tiên sẽ giúp Crystal tồn tại trong Early Game

Starting Items

+ Tango cung cấp cho Crystal Maiden khả năng phục hồi sức khỏe để ở lại lane. Với vật phẩm này, Crystal có thể trụ đường và hỗ trợ đồng đội mà không bị quấy rối bởi địch thủ.

+ Healing Salve cũng phục hồi sức khỏe cho Crystal Maiden hoặc các đồng minh của cô. Giữ đúng vai trò của một Carries đích thực.

+ Clarity là một giao dịch hữu ích giúp bổ sung Mana cho nhân vật. Với lượng Mana này người chơi có thể mang theo các vật vô hiệu quả mình để ngăn cản kẻ thù, gia tăng tốc độ tàn sát trong một cuộc gank.

+ Animal Courier (Radiant) giúp Crystal chia sẻ hiệu quả của các vật phẩm cho đồng minh.

+ Observer Ward nên được mua thường xuyên và được đặt tại các khu vực chính trên bản đồ. Đây là vật phẩm hỗ trợ cho phép gia tăng tầm nhìn bản đồ cho team của bạn. Khi đã có tầm nhìn thì rất có lợi cho team bạn trong việc chống bị gank bất ngờ hoặc đi bắt đối phương, kiểm soát tài nguyên.

Mid Game

Trong hướng dẫn chơi Crystal Maiden Dota 2, việc trang bị các item trong Mid Game sẽ quyết định sức mạnh nhân vật.

Trong Mid Game người chơi nên build vật phẩm tăng tốc độ

+ Tranquil Boots (Active) là vật phẩm gia tăng tốc độ di chuyển có mức giá rẻ nhất. Khi Arcane Aura phục hồi lượng mana của mình trong khi Tranquil Boots chữa lành vết thương. Crystal Maiden có thể ở ngoài sân vô thời hạn. Việc gia tăng tốc độ di chuyển cũng là một lợi ích giúp Crystal thoải mái chạy trốn và gank hiệu quả hơn.

+ Drum of Endurance cung cấp cho các thuộc tính Crystal Maiden để tăng tốc. Tốc độ di chuyển thêm cho phép cô dễ dàng sử dụng phép thuật.

+ Glimmer Cape là một vật phẩm hữu ích nếu bạn có ý định sử dụng Freezing Field thường xuyên.

Late Game

Hướng dẫn chơi Crystal Maiden cách lên đồ khi late game:

+ Eul’s SIGHt of Divial cấp cho Crystal Maiden tốc độ di chuyển cho phép nhân vật cơ động hơn. Đồng thời vật phẩm này cũng giúp Crystal gia tăng và tái tạo mana. Với vật phẩm này nhân vật có thể tạm thời trở nên bất khả xâm phạm, tiện lợi trong việc đi gank, kiểm soát tầm nhìn đồng thời loại bỏ các debuff nhằm chống lại kẻ thù.

+ Blink Dagger Blink Dagger tăng cường khả năng di chuyển của Crystal Maiden, cho phép nhân vật ngay lập tức khóa chặt kẻ địch bằng những vật phẩm của mình. Khả năng cơ động được cải thiện cũng cho phép cô di chuyển xung quanh bản đồ dễ dàng hơn để hỗ trợ đồng đội hoặc thoát khỏi kẻ thù truy đuổi.

+ Force Staff là một vật phẩm hỗ trợ giá rẻ gia tăng thuộc tính Crystal Maiden nếu việc tiết kiệm cho Blink Dagger là không khả thi. Nó cung cấp cho Crystal Maiden khả năng định vị hiệu quả. Đồng thời, Force Staff cũng tăng Mana giúp Crystal sử dụng những vật phẩm vô hiệu hóa dễ dàng hơn.

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